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Nothing in Ohio?
Why no love for the Ohio area? Our nearest concert is a 10 hour drive to Philadelphia. I'm hoping more dates later in the year will be announced, because overall this is a pretty underwhelming list of concerts.
I think Detroit and Chicago are closer than Philly... But I don't want to drive that far at all. I know I saw Cincinnati on that list for the Ohio date. But its not there anymore.
Oh, didn't see those, but that's still a bit farther than what some really wants to be driving in the middle of winter :/
Makes me wonder if there is another Project Rev.in the works for the summer.
Any reason why the Atlanta date doesn't allow reserved seat purchases and shows gen. adm. only? Seems to be the only city like that...
Pretty irritated that there are no Northern California Shows. They usually have a show in Sacramento and in Mt. View. AND they aren't making it easy for any NorCal fans by having the San Diego show on a Sunday and the LA show on a Wednesday.. grrr
I certainly hope so. It would be grand if they announce more dates like Columbus or Cincinnati. Hell I would love Lexington or even Indy

K V said:
Yeah I'm hoping for a Boston Stop, but that is pretty likely.

Yup, 2/1... can't wait...will be my 3rd time seeing them live - truly unbelievable...!
Yeah, I would have rather seen a Providence RI Tour since It's actually closer to where I'm from than Boston but I'll take that.
I would like to know the same thing. I am from Louisville, KY and was really excited when I seen this but when I came back on here to buy tickets an hour later it was gone and now there isn't any dates close. :(

Jeremy Kick said:
Anyone know what happened to some of the tour dates? I'm from Ohio and saw Cincinnati, OH on the list for Feb. 13th but now its gone...
hmm.. try looking on the ticketmaster website. it's listing February 22nd in San Jose at the HP Pavilion BUT it's not announced here. I'm thinking they're still trying to finalize dates and venues

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