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I live near Sunrise, Fl and is wondering if anyone here is going to that show on Jan. 20th?
I have been to many concerts but I have never been to see LP.But when you guys come to LA in February I will be there! I can't wait to see you guys live at the staple center!
be more psyched if they added a few more dates for Canada... maybe.... I don't know.... the West coast
i can't wait till they come to toronto, it will be my first Linkin Park concert, gotta save up that cash
when are the tix for the sunrise fl show going to be on sale for the general public?
I'm also from Louisville. I am really upset that they aren't coming here. We have a NEW arena LP!

Crystal Mays said:
I would like to know the same thing. I am from Louisville, KY and was really excited when I seen this but when I came back on here to buy tickets an hour later it was gone and now there isn't any dates close. :(
Jeremy Kick said:
Anyone know what happened to some of the tour dates? I'm from Ohio and saw Cincinnati, OH on the list for Feb. 13th but now its gone...
Anyone going to see them in Boston?
Ya know. I was wondering the same thing too. But so far, they have not said anything about going public yet. >.br/>

robert villao said:
when are the tix for the sunrise fl show going to be on sale for the general public?
Woooooot!  I'm totally psyched!  Going to San Diego and see hem in the Vejas arena

I wish I would live in teh States.. I have seen 4 shows from the ATS Tour so far. 3 in Europe and 1 in Asia and I will see 6 more in the states starting in Vegas.. A long travel from Germany..absolutely.. but totally worth it!!

First time I will be seeing Linkin Park and I have VIP. So it should be a great time. Looking forward to it for sure.

What does everyone think of the reserved seats available to fan club members for NYC? I would have thought they'd be closer to the stage.................

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