there has been debates about fav LP song but the most votes for best LP songs are numb and crawling. so right now i need yal to break the tie and reply wheather you think crawling or numb is a better LP song. if you think both just put both.


       Face Off: Numb vs. Crwaling

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I say Numb.
simply to difficult to
Both amazing but im going to have to go with Crawling.
Both are great songs! I think I'm going to go with crawling.
i'm going with numb only because it relates to my life and i feel like my mom pushes me too much and i've basically grown numb to whatever she tells me because most of it is cruel and it numbs me even more
Crawling :)
Both are great songs, but my personal
fav is from their Hybrid Theory EP called 
Crawling out of those two. But I would say either was my favorite song. Favorite song changes depending on the mood.
it's very difficult...but I would say NUMB!!<3

I love the song!!<3
it's a hard decision because both songs are GREAT and awesome but i think i would say NUMB
I love the both, but between them I prefer Crawling ;*

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