Just returned from the show at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square...What an awesome show!!!  The mix between both old and new was incredible.  Such energy from both the band and the crowd made it such a great performance.  After not really performing live for some time, it seems like they never missed a beat.  The new songs sounded even better live...especially Wretches and Kings, mike and chester sing with such passion.  The entire band looked psyched to be on stage, even though Rob didn't want to solo on Bleed It Out! haha.  Anyway, amazing show and for anyone who missed it, look forward to their US tour next year.  Anyone who attended this show, what do you think?

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I was at the show as well, standing in the back taking videos. That show was amazing, and a better experience than when I saw them at MSG in February a few years ago (2nd time seeing them, first being at Jones Beach during a K-Rock concert). This time Chester wasn't sick, so that helped. I wasn't a huge fan of the new album when I listened through it the first time, but hearing the songs live actually helps them grow on you and I'll give the CD another listen through. I'd love to get a set list posted up here for the show though, and I doubt they will, but I hope they post MP3s of the show like they usually do.
It was an awesome show.

I just had one issue. People, like me, waited over 7 hours to try and get front row, right? There was even a guy from Russia who got there at 12 am and slept there probably to get front row.

THEN, when we get inside, we see 2 rows already filled because of Best Buy giving out passes to people who won a contest and they were even let in early. I just don't get that. I got a little mad too.

Other than that, it was awesome. My first LP concert since 2007 at Bamboozle in NJ. This was better. Can't wait until I see them again!
This show was freakin awesome. The mosh pit in OSC was epic and the Mike and Chester were both spot-on with all of the songs.
I felt fortunate to be there because the venue was very small. I try to see them everytime they perform in NY and they never disappoint. Its Thursday and I'm still reliving the show in my head. It was a blast and I can't wait to see them next year on tour. 
This show was freaking amazing!!!
I stood in line from 2pm on, and met some amazing people and had an amazing time at this show!!
I still cant believe how flippin awesome this was! It was just AMAZING!
I wish I wouldve gone home with a drumstick, that Rob threw into the crowd. Or maybe Chesters t-shirt!
Man whoever got that, IM JEALOUS!!!
The new songs and old songs were amazing! My voice is still a bit scratchy!
Oh man i cant wait for 2011 tour!
I have seen LP on every tour. This was the best show I have ever seen them do (maybe any band) The range of music they played was enormous, and everything felt authentic. From slow and dark, to light, heavy, rap, reggae, etc. If ever a band was in its prime, it is LP now.

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