I loved linkin park one day, but now, where is the mix? the rap with the rock and the mix about every kind of music!? Where is the group that one day ins the past every people called the group who always have inovate.This is finish when the numb finish. Sorry for bad english.

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does tht mean they will go bak 2 their old style?

I did not like the new album... My favorite album was Meteora. I like hybrid theory and minutes to midnight almost as much though. I was sad since their my favorite band and i didnt like their new album. I just think it sounds to comouterized or something . The voices vocals just arent as good.

I just hope they can make more albums

As in make music exactly like their old albums? I have no clue. I'm guessing not. I think they are gonna follow whatever their hearts, and maybe it would be the similar to their older albums, maybe it would be something completely new that fans aren't use to. Who knows. I'm no fortune teller


All I know is that they haven't lost their touch yet when it comes to their older songs. They still sound pretty good (by what I've seen on youtube) and they still rock out pretty hard. Of course, I'll find out this Wednesday when I see them in concert!


Brandon Chin said:

does tht mean they will go bak 2 their old style?

innocentdreamer said:

All I can say is that I love Linkin Park. Maybe I'm not 100% in love with all of their songs, but I love all of their albums and respect their opinion they express in their music.


What's with all this old-new talk? I've been seeing it all over this site, on other fan sites, and basically everywhere else, as if it was a debate over a political president... There is no "Old Linkin Park" or "New Linkin Park".  Well, except when they were starting out before Chester joined, but I don't think people are debating over that. They are the same people from their first album. The same voices singing their hearts out the same fingers strumming on their guitars/playing keyboard (other instruments ect)  and the same minds that write new albums. So what, their music is different since 10 years ago. They are the same people who sing their hearts out, sing about what they care about and their beliefs, and play their inspiriting music for those willing to listen.


So really, stop complaining about "their new sound". We develop, advance. If you guys haven't noticed, they play songs from ALL of their albums at their concerts. Their old music isn't going anywhere. But they create new music too. They play a variety of sounds, write different types of messages, and follow their own hearts, just like the supposedly "Old Linkin Park" did ten years ago.I swear all of this talk reminds me about the old geezers that complain about the "teenager's" music because it is different, something they aren't use to. You know, those guys that said Rock and Roll was "Satin worship" and "corruption of the minds" several decades ago. I'm not saying that you need to fall in love with Linkin Park's latest album. What I'm saying is be chill and stop bashing. You are the ones who are "fans". Support the band. But that's more my opinion, and how I'm looking at it.


I would like all of you to minus ten years from your current age. Compare yourself and that younger version of you. A lot can happen in ten years. A lot HAS happen in ten years in the US, let alone the world. They went on tour across the continents. I'm not sure about any of you, but I know that all the trips I had visiting different countries impacted me hugely. Opened my eyes. Or even just watching what is happening around us. Every day we experience and witness things that make us who we are. I guess we all change, but we still are ourselves no matter what. So if you don't like it, don't listen to it. You're disappointed? Guess what, it is called life. Deal with it.


They aren't going to magically change themselves to what everyone "wants" them to be. They are going act like real musicians and make music about their own inspirations. All the complaining about it is kinda annoying. Just listen to their old music if you don't like their new music. It isn't like their old albums will magically disappear out of thin air.



When linkin park first started it was a new sound, then by MtM They experimented and changed it a little but fans still liked it. When thousand suns was made if it was like the other albums people would have asked for a new sound,Thousand suns was an experiment that failed and had a "few rough edges", that is why everyone is hating it, once LP finds a way to make both the new and old fans happy then they will get a good album. After Thousand suns came out i looked for other alternatives to it while waiting for the 5th album. I found Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise 

Fort Minor is the Hiphopish rap style music while DbS is rock, the two extremes Linkin park combined them. in the first two albums was more rock in the new albums more hip hopish and rapish and now including more genres in the mix 

 I do not believe that LP is Dead nor am i critising its album

Now I ask you, who complain that the "new linkin park" is worse than "old linkin park": would not it be boring if every four albums sounds the same?


I think it's Linkin Park's good sides, that they have a diverse music


Sorry for my bad english :D

well actually i dont care whether their songs are all numetal or emotional but they just didnt do it right in thousand suns. and yes it would be boring but like i said before it would be better if they can do whatever new stuff right

Guys, we all love Linkin Park
It's so awesome !
but I think that their last album " A Thousand Suns " isn't as good as their Previous Albums !!!
Don't Say I'm Not A True Fan ,, I Love LP SO Much & They are the only band that I Love ,, Yes I Love Hybrid Theory & Meteora ... They Both Were Awesome :)
Minutes To Midnight, Well I Liked Some Of Its Songs, Like No More Sorrow, What I've Done, Given Up & In Pieces ,, But The Other Songs were just different than the Linkin Park we Knew, just too soft !!!!
Ok the album was still great with mix songs, at least there were some Hard songs !
But A Thousand Suns ?? I Heard It In The Beginning, HATED every song in it !!!!!
It was just too soft, way softer than the Real Linkin Park :S
After Listening more than once to the songs ,, I Liked The Catalyst The Most, Burning In The Skies, Waiting for the end & Iridescent !
But Still Its WAY TOO Soft Than LP ,, & The Disappointment Was that there was no Hard Songs At All !!!!
So Just If This Message Could Reach Linkin Park ,, We all would love Harder Songs In Future Albums, Even If There Has To Be Soft Songs !!

They Evolved ?? yeah ok ,, but still fans DEMAND some Hard Songs !

We Need Rock - Rap - Metal songs in the album, along with other genres ,, that would make the album truly GENRE-BREAKING ,, because it includes all genres or mix of it !

We Don't Want THE EXACT SAME TONE & SONGS From HT & Meteora !!!!!!

We Want Advanced & EVOLVED Songs That Satisfy Our Needs, & We Are Used To Metal, Rock & Rap ... so We Really Need Portions Of Those Along With The New Styles !!!!
Last But Not Least, I guess we all miss "Lying From You" Metal Style, "In The End" Rap/Rock Style, "From The Inside" Awesomeness & Of Course CHESTER's Screams !!!!
* just expressing my opinion !!

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