The title says everything.
Type your old nickname here so everyone can find eachother again.

My old nick where:

"The Linkin Park guy from Sweden" XD

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damn that was sooo long ago, I think it was jadechaz6981 but I don't remember.....I gotta check my files...yup it was jadechaz6981.  Originally joined the LPU in May 02, left and came back for LPU 6-8 and finally back with LPU X.. I remember that we used to have a meet up in Manhattan every once in awhile.  Last time we did a meet up we were re enacting scenes from Frat Party at the pankake festival.  i also remember we went to Chelsea Piers to bowl, our meet up spot was the Virgin Megastore :( I also remember that I was the oldest one in the group :(
jasmine - are you going to be ok with hurricane irene? heard parts of NYC are getting evacuated.
Because we all come back sooner or later, in some capacity.

Mick said:

I have 110+ usernames. I can't remember any of them.


It's 9 years later, why is this site still active?

I AM HERE. Again.

same as the one now

i really miss the old site! never got used to this one.

follow me on twitter.

i'm a hoot and a half.!/TheMelancoholic

I doubt anyone remembers me, but at various times between 2002 and 2006 I went by the names LPLoyalist, Stacked Actor, ::Fallout::, and §piral. Maybe a few others I don't remember. I joined up here ten years ago this month, and LPMB was my first online community, which is what got me thinking of this place again.

I guess it'd be redundant to ask 'Geeze, what happened here? How is it that the site and forum were better designed and had better functionality ten years ago than they do today?' =/

But I guess I went ahead and asked anyway, lol.

^ I remember you.

Some reason I have logged on here again... any old schoolers still around?

If they've been here they'll be in this thread :) How ya been Kat?

Haha true =P

I've been really good thanks! Been travelling Europe for 5 months and now back at home trying to look for a job heh. How are you?? Good to see you're still here =D

-wanders through thread- :3

Kaaaat! Nyello :)

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