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Here's a few photos of me from my recent trip to Holland :)

On the Willemsbrug with the Rotterdam skyline behind me.
SMC and Rotterdam Skyline

At Madurodam.

At Feijenoord Stadium.
SMC and Feijenoord Stadium

All of my Holland photos can be seen on Flickr.
your tattoos are awesome!
MY DRAWINGS..BY ME..FOLLOW ON TWITTER... http://twitter.com/FlorZ09

Rob Bourdon

Chester Bennington (Sorry Is CHESTER BENNINGTON..Not is Bennigton!!)

Chester Bennington

Mike Shinoda

=D http.//facebook.com/FlorZ09 http://myspace.com/FlorZ09 http://linkinpark.com/profile/FlorZ09 http://twitter.com/FlorZ09
i love the one of mike, it's so good!!
Well... I have some magnificent drawings of Chester and Mike
that I think everyone will drool over..
I just have to go to my house, get them and upload them... lol

Anybody else draw sick portraits of those sexy boys?

That last drawing of Mike..
I have one just like it..
I think you're well on your way to creating amazing art.
Just.. practice, practice.. practice..
That's what I've been doing since I was 12..
Now I'm 18.. my skills have improved...
I plan to major in art and have some kind of career in it..
hopefully.. a make-up artist..
then maybe... just maybe...
I'll get to do the make-up for rock-stars...
like.... LINKIN PARK!!!

sjndfkjnskgsgn @%&$^#^

Wow.. nice..
See... I can't really paint..
I'm too much of a perfectionist..
Painting takes tooooo long for me..
At least my drawings take 2-2 1/2 hours..
lol =P

I need to post them!
To show you all..


I draw faces with a lot of detail like you.
Did you paint this?
Because to me, painting is harder..
or at least.. takes longer..
I still have to post my art..
But this is nice..
I remember starting out just like you.
I just drew LP stuff because I loved them so much..
I had to put my love into something..
and that was art.. well portraits of Chester and Mike..
Their faces are so gorgeous and perfect..
It's always a nice challenge to draw sexy, sexy pics of them..
Anyone one have insanely HOT pix of Mike and Chester?
I would love to draw them....

They always look exactly like the picture..
But I NEVER "sketch" "copy" "cheat" what-ever you want to call it with my art..
I just sit down and DRAW.... for a loooong time..
But it's worth it.. because their amazing..

Caroline Heggdal (Moderator) said:
Took some new pictures for a portfolio

EDIT!!! : so that was you. I didn't notice the later posts haha. anyway, awesome photos! I like it and you're pretty.

lucy harris said:
um here are some of my photos, as i'm in to photography as well :)
you can see all of them by visiting my flickr- JUST "CLICKR" HERE! (hahahaha bad joke.)

these photographs are film, that's why they aren't of very high quality.


hope you like them!

thse are awesome DX I always wanted to do those =(
double post.

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