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Wow I really like the second one and the last one! show us more ^^

Lizzi Cloverman said:
A product of boredom ;)

Alma (of F.E.A.R. - the game)

That's a stilllife i had to draw in school. (Look at the chess figures LOL xD)

Wow so this is the only land where you guys discuss art :D Here's my new piece... Tell me what you think :)

i would like to put in a request... if anyone does those.

i would like for someone that draws really well, to draw me a evil, creepy clown. something i can print out and hang up for HALLOWEEN. I REALLY love it. i also have an idea of how i would like it to be, but i'm not going to say... i'll just have everyone confused ( if possible, can it be colored? ). just surprise me.

--thanks to the people... that might do it.
A couple of photo's taken on a night in London a few months ago. Just finally got to sorting them out.

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

London Eye
London Eye

Buckingham Palace (and the invisible car)
Buckingham Palace

Big Ben
Big Ben
my photography... so far.

hey guys,i;m from Argentina,and I'm studying film, and it's great because it is a mixture of all the arts.
Here is a sketch I just finished tonight....what do you think of it?

I just wanted to add that the above drawing was inspired by one of one of Amy Brown's works
I think this looks more like the drawing....I think it looks so much better in person.

Here is another drawing inspired by Amy Brown

Petrified fish anyone? :)

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