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Here is one I just came up with yesterday ...still trying to come up with a title


A King.
The Artist of Rhythm and Flow

Michelle said:
Here is another drawing inspired by Amy Brown

Beautiful. There is some very good art here including photos.

Heres a little something that caught my eye nice work by the way:D
beatiful work!

Huskey Michael said:
A King.
adore the colours of the catalyst one !

The iSCREAM Num Num :3 (Flagger) said:
Wow... so many talented ppl in here *O* I love all of those the photography
i want to show my wallpapers, it is not perfect, well im just an amateur =)

Good good i drew chester bennington

Here's another one I came up with

I titled it The Missing Piece...what do you think?




I changed the title to that last piece to Puzzled by You....better?
i prefer 'the missing piece', i find it works well and is not cheesy.
the phrase 'the missing piece' can be referred to in lots of different ways, and possibly even relate to another element in the painting.
hope i helped!

oh, and i adore that one of the sunset with the eyes. the colours are so gorgeous! you definately have talent.

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