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My webpage for my illustrated book written and illustrated by muah! http://jadeforceswithin.webs.com/ This book has not yet been published, and I will never try to sell on Linkin Park message board, this is only a preview of some of my work with the book. The book is still incomplete!

@ Lilly you're world is beautiful, keep drawing. Never give up. Painting is fun too!


lol, thank you


i probably should start making graffiti though


that would definitely help to lower the crime rate

everyone would be like:  no way i'm going out tonight... it's creepy out there O_o

graffiti is beautiful but can be illegal. Be careful!! =)


been running all my life... :p

so do i

i don't care though


my drawings express me, even if it's hard to say what it is that they actually show :p

I actually love the quality. I think it makes the photos seem more interesting.

lucy said:
um here are some of my photos, as i'm in to photography as well :)
you can see all of them by visiting my flickr- JUST "CLICKR" HERE! (hahahaha bad joke.)

these photographs are film, that's why they aren't of very high quality.


hope you like them!

I felt like putting some more up.

thank you Gaby!
i love your apples one.

What are you guys thinking of this one...I call it Archaic Dreams


Great photos and great painting Michelle!!

This drawing was done with graphite and ink. With everything that is happening in Japan, and nothing I can do to help. I decided to dedicate a piece of art to them. I will probably have prints made and then sell them with all proceeds going towards helping Japan. The title "Japanese Princess"

Thank you. :D

lucy said:
thank you Gaby!
i love your apples one.

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