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gettin' betta ladies and gentlemen ;)


(better than my 8 year old niece at least)



@lily.....thanks.....I think....lol

@Michelle ...... I was complimenting myself actually XD


I would never compare my niece's skills to those of any of you guys, i.e people who actually are talented...

aww thanks...you are to kind! your niece is pretty good!

as a matter of fact, she is


this drawing is not hers tho - it's mine ;) http://art-differently.blogspot.com/ 

@Lily ...not half bad!
Why, thank you :)
you are welcome :)
Phil Anselmo

Manchester Museum Ice Bear in Piccadilly Gardens.


a f****d up photograph




whatever you think it is that it's showing, you're actually right :p

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