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This is the worst storm system in history in my area. Second deadliest severe storm system in united states history. The worst was in I think the 1920's. A lot of people are traumatized.

A row of six houses once stood here!

This was the local news station's weather radar at the time of the tornadoes.

I took these photos the morning after the storms. The night before, the weather said a tornado was spotted and about 15 minutes from us. Living in a double wide, we packed up and went to the local Kangeroo to get in a study spot. When the storm passed, on our way home, trees laid everywhere and in the road. People were getting out of their cars and moving them out of the road ways so traffic could continue which, was very dangerous, because power lines were down everywhere as well. And this is not all the damage.

If anyone has extra Summer, could you send me one?


Seriously... wtf is THIS ???



wow crazy pics....sad


I titled this one Bubble Drops what do you think?


Winter only lasted for 2 days fortunately - that's how long it should normally last, btw


nice painting, I like how the fishy is so colorful - she (somehow I assume it's a she) looks like some cool outsider you wanna hang out with




What about writting? My biggest passion is writting. I've written a story which main character is Mike Shinoda. xD
@michelle, great work! @larrissa, I know who pokemon is, used to watch it when I was younger! Can't wait to see your art! @Valya, I did a lil writing when I was younger, and consider it an art myself.
@Huskey Michael  Thank you very much for liking the painting...it's actually on a very huge canvas!

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