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:P i got a tattoo of the new LP logo




I don't do a lot of photography, but I liked how this turned out.

And...I've been doing a bit of digital art lately...



Sorry about the size! D:

@Lauren...those are amazing! Here is my latest work what do you think?



Thank you! :)


I like your painting! I can't really paint much at all but I just love how you did the dress, so much texture, it looks great :D


Here's some more of my work;

This one's unfinished, I don't have a picture of the completed version.


Some portraits of friends; 

Oh and Michelle, this is my attempt at painting, haha! :


A poster that I made when I was bored at work.


And another one.


The posters are really sick! I'd totally buy the first one :)
Thank you! I wish I could illustrate as well as you...i just stick to graphics haha

Lauren said:
The posters are really sick! I'd totally buy the first one :)

Cool pic! Wot kind of camera do you have? :)



SMC said:

I love the black and grey flower pic - very cool!

RockOut!Candy said:
Some of the pics I took

lol that's my fucked up kissmark


I agree!!!!!

Lizzi Cloverman said:
by the way i must say i'm VERY impressed by all the pictures and drawings i've seen here. You're all unbelievably talented :)
Lovely happy friendly pic - I love it! :) :) :) :)

Ileana Tejada said:
And lastly a portrait of my friends


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