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Your interpretations is quite normal. But about last one I would say otherwise. It means that all living deserves respect and you can't hurt them. We have no right to cause harm.
"Do not wake sleeping". Something like that..

What did you may say about details of fourth picture? That creature reminds to you somebody?

I think the last one is probably your best one....it could represent anyone my first thought was that it was you

I would like to share my kitty pics with you LP members! I absolutely adore her (such a fantastic energy ball):)! Called "Susanna"

All of your paintings, drawings and photography are Impressive. So many talented people in here:P

From school project ; Theme: Light; Taking it back to a hardcore level

Hi there, here is a photo of my budgie CHESTER- He just loves Linkin Parks music and trills along with the songs-regards Joanne:)


Hi! I love to talk to others about art, too, however, on Yahoo! Answers, according to the terms and conditions, we are not supposed to "chat.
Does Ageless Male Work

Cute piccies - nicely taken! :)

Wow - we'd have never got away with a cigarette in a pic in our school - nicely taken :) :) :)

What can you say about this drawing, people?)

Kind of eerie but good! I like the atmosphere of it, Camaro :) :) :) Would be great for the cover of a fantasy novel or something (I love the ones with good pictures on the cover). :)

Wow, cute budgie - I like the clarity of Chester 003 :) Nice shot :)

really nice work! I thought I would post a couple up that I've been working on

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