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That's fun, the umbrella lady ;) :) :)

Love the ballerina in the sky also :)

@Aaralyn D ...Thanks...those two are usually most of my friends favs also!

Don't blame them! :) :) :) And no worries! :) :) :) I like viewing art with nice atmosphere :)

Thank you, Aaralyn and Michele).

Here's another work. I didn't show it before, but it was finished long ago

P.S: I have a descriptions for the two last works, and if you're interested I can show them

That is beautiful, Camaro! I love the intricacy in it - so much to it and so well done! Good on you :) :) :) I'd love to see your other works :) :) :) Thanks for sharing another :) :) :)


I already showed this here, but I've updated it a little. An old link was updated too.

He is cute isn't it?)

And I also have a new work

He is indeed cute! I love him - so sweet :) :) :) Is the new one the initial draft, before it is complete? Or meant to be a skeleton? Thanks for sharing again - beautiful! Have a lovely one!


it isn't finished yet....

Brilliant photos, Caroline!!! Love how you worked that first one - I feel like that sometimes ;) :)

Caroline Heggdal said:


Brilliant pics, Caroline! I really feel that first one :) :) :) Thanks for sharing :) :) :)

Caroline Heggdal said:


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