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This creature on the picture is not mine. This drawing was a gift for my friend from dA and a being depicted on this belongs to her

And this is mine. A digital work and I realy like this drawing. "The black where sirens sing..."

Here is my inspired painting that isn't finished yet

Camero....those are really good!

Michelle, thank you.
Your work - I like this. Amazing colours. Is this realy castle of glass?)

Inspired by it yep! Thanks!

A recent work

P.S: Michelle, how do you think, Mike and guys pay their attention on this thread of forum?)

I don't know...it's possible I guess!

It would be great... but probably we will never know

Here is an update on my painting..it's still not done yet though....what do you think?

So romantic and sad. The picture is sad as that song...

Thanks! Here is one I am working on that isn't finished yet...what do you think?

Michelle, associations with that song deeply entrenched in my head...)
This is an interesting work that really wakes imagination

And here my new works in digital. First was a b-day gift for my friend

The second one. I think you'll understand what I mean

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