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Wow Those both are amazing.....I have no idea how to do digital! Here is progress on the two paintings I'm working on

Michele, I still learn how to work in digital, and I have no idea how you to do like that with paints! They are very-very beautiful.
By the way, what kind of paints is that?

It's acrylic paint..what program do you use for your digital work? Thanks very much for liking my paintings!

I thought as much that this is.
I use a program MyPaint. That's very small and simple freeware program

A small progress in traditional. What do you think?

That's really cool...very original!

Wow, some of these pictures are really great. The drawings are really good (better than what I can do). I am more into photography and taking pictures with my camera. Right now, I have a Kodak easyshare Z1012 IS. When I get money for some land that I have, I am hoping to buy myself a Nikon D7000 and Nikon D3200. If I can't get both of them, I am going to probably just get the Nikon D3200. But, I will see how it goes when I get the money...

Anyway, this is all my "Photography" I mostly have a "vintage" style to them because I like vintage. To see my pictures just click on the tag, "crazyamma" and they should all pop up and you don't have to scroll through my reposts of others pictures and such. The link to my pictures await you: http://crazyamma.tumblr.com/

so I don't know much about photography but from what I saw.....I thought they were great...keep it up and good luck on getting the camera you want....you should come and take pics of my paintings....lol!!!

Lol, thanks. And I thank you for the luck. I swear, Nikon is my favorite kind of Camera and I've never used one in my whole life. But, hopefully, soon I will get one.

If I could, I would so do that for you. Your paintings are really nice... I can't even draw or paint. Lol, I'll have to draw something and take a picture of it, just so you guys can see how crappy my drawing is. I think the picture of the drawing will turn out way better looking, lol.

I also looked on your works and I think the best are your landscape works but others are good too.
I do some photographs like these

It will be interestingly to see that your drawing

Anyone that likes Photography, there is a site: www.photoswinprizes.com I think it seems pretty. I entered a photo of mine. If you don't mind: http://www.photoswinprizes.com/2012/09/05/sounds-of-the-ocean/ -- can you gander at it. If you like it, please vote for it? I want to try and win some money to save up for a new camera.


I made a new website...what do you think? www.michellelmorine.com I made it myself..I'm still surprised I could do it...lol!

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