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Thanks you are too kind!!! Here is progress on King to Dragon's Rook!


I'm going to be in an art show...I am EXCITED beyond WORDS!!!!


Wow, Michelle, congratulations. That is great that your works will be there). I really happy for you)

Aaand here my new work. I worked on this for six months

Wow that is really good...very good with all the little details...I love them! You are so creative! I think all you really need to develop is your skill some ....cuz you have a fantastic imagination and I think that's the most important part!

Oh, thank you so much).
I know and I'll be work on my skills on holidays

New year sketches-gifts

Very Nice! Here's one I titled 'Celestial Bodies in the Aurora' What do you think?


Thanks, Michelle).

I like colours and composition. Very-very good thing)

New work. This creature isn't mine. What do you think?

really amazing!

Thank you, Michelle).
For this work I got 60 cents, but I asked people and they said that the work like this costs more than one dollar. What do you think about?

I think you should charge people....what you usually make per hour plus the time it took you to make it! I think... I hope that helps...I mean I'm sure it took you a long time to make and plus you put your effort and imagination into it! So don't sell yourself short!

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