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Well, I'll listen to your opinion.
Here is some new work. Creature isn't mine again - completely mine works are unfinished

And some my new sketches, but I like in this only little picture with a brain in a jar...


sweet my favorite one is the one where the alien thing is playing with it's hair...pretty amazing stuff!

Here is one I'm currently working on I call it 'King to Dragon's Rook'


Just made this video with a song I wrote...it was sung by a friend of mine ...let me know what you think!

wow nice paints! i like it!

Thank you, Michelle, very much. Your opinion is very important for me.
'King to Dragon's Rook' really getting better and better.
And I want to ask you how hosted that art show?

Here my new  (totally mine) art work. What do you think?

And, Michelle, that song is beautiful and your friend has really nice voice. Whose music is that? Anyway this in combination with your artwork is very impressive

CamaroLp....Thanks! I got into the art show because I follow the gallery on facebook and they were asking for art so I submitted and they accepted! The song lyrics were written by me...and composed and sung by my friend! I think your art is getting alot more impressive and intricate! Well done!

I see). Do you liked be there, on this art show? What was interisting there?

That's great have such friends). You're lucky).

Thank you kindly for that)

ya I've been friends with them for quite some time didn't know them in person though.
they were doing an open call for artwork so I guess alot of people submitted...I got lucky they chose mine
I had a blast at the art opening...there was celebrity artist there..alot of people showed up as well...it was in the
papers and all that stuff too...pretty cool!

Oh, I've no words. This is wonderful)

Wow....thank you!!!

I know a painting is never truly finished I think I'm done with this one for quite some time ...what are your thoughts?

 photo glasstwo002_zps307f8a21.jpg

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