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my art site- please look!!!!!!!!!!!! www.ekko-park.deviantart.com
and also look here!!!
my system of a down chalk drawing

oohhh i can tell this is going to be my favorite thread =)
i do both - drawings/paintings and photography. i hope you dont mind if i show you guys some of my work :)

You have no idea how long it took to take a picture like this! xD (And you can see my lense was dirty cause it was raining like hell and very windy)

The moon was very bright that night and the clouds made it all perfect :)

It's actually a sink for paint, and it used to be orange. I changed it into red so it would look creepier =D

Just some white objects i drew

I have more stuff but i don't want to spam all over the thread xD sorry if i already did. <3
by the way i must say i'm VERY impressed by all the pictures and drawings i've seen here. You're all unbelievably talented :)
I really like the lightning picture you got there, Lizzi!

Took some pictures during my last week of school this year at media. Couldn't be more happier with the result as I tried a Nikon Camera, and not Canon, which I've basically been using for the last 7 years. Looking forward to get the new 7D when I can afford that, and the 50 mm lens. Too much camera talk? yes

Thought i'm gonna show you my work! =)

I'm a various photographer, i take photos of landscapes, architecture, at concerts, at sport events and i take pictures of just everything..:)

Take a look at here: http://kadysha.deviantart.com/
caroline, i really like the smoking picture =D i love pictures of faces/people. You don't know what their story is but you can tell hundreds of stories to that one picture :) and i love closeup pictures like yours too! aaahh how i love photography! <3

Those are some excellent photos! I <3 photography :)
Here are some of my draws and paintings (sorry for the notebook paper but i was boring in the school XP)
Visit my Deviantart: http://aijecumantz.deviantart.com/

Thank you Lizzi! Ah, finally someone that agree's with me. What's so special about the two first, is that I used a Nikon camera for those, and a Canon for the last one. But Lizzi, keep your work up! I got some constructive tho, but that's me. Anywho, the last picture, I think it would have looked better without so much contrasts, but still, it's a great shot!
I edited this image of maria sharapova professional tenis player from Russia.

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