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Michelle, I don't know what to say. Only that this is very interisting work even as you said that this won't be truly finished.
I love your abstract- fantasy drawings.
What I want to say more that I recently viewed your old works and I see your art progress and this is really impressive

Here is something new. Used paper sheet with size a bit more than A7

That is really good....here is a video of my painting with a poem I wrote...what do you think?

Sorry, I was too busy, Michelle.
I didn't understand some words (English isn't my native language) but this poem is really profound. I love it. Is that your voice, yes? Nice voice.
And your painting is wonderful. I like all these details, colors, feelings

Here I have some new works.
This one was done very quickly (about a half hour)

 Dump of concepts

My own work (I could do this better)

And my last at this moment work

Just for fun...)

I do a fair bit of Photography, not like pro quality, but its a hobby I enjoy. Dry Falls here in Washington Picture.

I also draw for fun, nothing serious again, mostly for laughs.

I'm not very good at either medium though. As long as I am having fun with it the quality (or lack thereof) doesn't bother me. I do occasionally wish I could do super awesome digital art but I am super lazy ad don't like spending hours on one drawing only to have it not look the way I want it to ya know? Okay so maybe I do care bout quality a bit.....

ALSO I do a TON of nail painting. For Easter I did a pink and purple Splatter, but the colors were too similar...

 For St. Paddy's I did simple glitter over white:

And my favorite was the time I did water marbling!

Me, obsessed with nail polish?! Naaaaw....

We all very lazy).I like your photo. Maybe it a bit blurred (and so you don't give link on full-size file) but it's really nice).
Nail-art? Interisting).

My new drawing

And concepts

Hey...Thanks for the comment about my poem...yes it's my voice..lol...I was nervous about putting it up there...are you entering the design contest for Linkin Park...here's mine...what do you think?

 photo _castleofglassdesign_by_bluedragondust-d62jpj2.jpg

The meaning behind it is that...when soldiers are under constant pressure their minds go to a safe and beautiful place to escape!

I titled it 'Where The Sirens Sing'!

I saw it. Unfortunately I don't participate in this because I have no time. I have some ideas but my studies takes away all my energy.
I don't like this video. I think they can did this much better, it's too simple. The song deserves better one. So I thought more about lyrics, music and feelings that this song evokes. And I have another vision...
I would like to know your opinion about my works but don't think that you have enough time too...

your works are really good...sorry I didn't mention them before...I think your drawings are getting better...your digital work is really really good...I suck at that I've tried to figure it out...oh well...lol

I thought they could've done a better job at the video too...I still like it though

I think you'll learn to draw in digital. Just need to get used and all will be good. I'm working with a tablet for a year. And when I began to draw by it... That was awful.
Thank you. That's really nice to know they are getting better. That's a bit strange but people in there on dA give me less feedback now than before

By the way, I think one of the most successful videos is Lost In The Echo. What do you think?

My new one thing. The one that I've done for the contest. What do you think?

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