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@camaro    really nice work....my favorite was the 2nd one!!!
Michelle said:
@camaro    really nice work....my favorite was the 2nd one!!!
Thanks). I'll draw and show other drawings)

Waiting in the Rain


so I took a different pic of this one I think this one looks better


Thanks! The only mistake I made on the drawing was I made his nose to long and should have lightened the value on the tip of his nose. But Thanks My Friend!! =)

lucy said:
beatiful work!

Huskey Michael said:
A King.
Here is my latest painting. It is that of a door with a lion knocker on the front. =)
"My Love For You Shall Never Die"

Sorry, if it seems I am posting too much. I have decided to write a book. It will be a series. It isn't like most books. It is kind of like a childrens' illustrated book, but the content is not appropriate for children. The name of it is Jade: The Forces Within.


@huskey...pretty sweet!!!

@ Michelle, thanks!!

On another note, this is a teaser from the illustrated book I am working on, Jade. This is from pg. 5:

"You're the child of the Demon King!"
   "Who are you?"
   "Don't worry Jade, I won't harm you."
   "How do you know my name?"
   "Jade, understand your powers you have inherited from me. I'm a warlock Jade."
   "Get away from me!"
   "I won't harm you Jade. I'm you're father," the stranger said as he walked away from her.
   Jade had finished a movie at the local theatre when her encounter on her walk home with the stranger
completely took her by surprise. Was he some deranged lunatic stalking her, waiting for his moment to pounce, toying with her  like a cat tortures its prey before it devours it?
   She broke down into tears.

not really tallented, this isn't art in a sense of the word

but it's fun


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