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aha, thank you so much Caroline!
i use a Canon EOS 500 (that one in my profile icon) and Fujifilm ISO 200 film.
and yes, i love that effect you used. i didn't realise it was a self-portrait though, well done!
i hate self-portraits.
again, thank you! :)
Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I was visiting a friend in Holland and sightseeing for a week.
I will take a look at your photos but the ones you have shown here are very good. I love the water pouring out of the glass :)
I use a Nikon D5000 with either a 18-55mm lens or a 80-300mm macro lens for my shots.

lucy harris said:
hey, i'm on flickr too! :)
i sent you a flickrmail. please look at my photos and reply if you get the chance?
oh, and what camera and lenses do you use?
these are great macro photographs!

Sun Through the Trees
Sun Through The Trees
Wow, you're all incredibly talented.
Favorite band right there, that's pretty incredible. Great job.

liliana rios said:
my system of a down chalk drawing

concert on the past saturday;

thank you :)

just various graphite pencils


R@iN said:
insane detail. nice c: oh what material did you use?

Ileana Tejada said:
And lastly a portrait of my friends


on that first photo the focus is stunning, and the black and white looks lovely.
you are really good!

Caroline Heggdal (Moderator) said:
concert on the past saturday;

Thanks, again! haha, I got a few of those, so let me know if you're intrested in seing those ;)
yes show them! i'd love to see the rest :D

okay i drew these a while ago and just wanted to share.
i'm proudest of the portrait of chester, the others have much room for improvement, but i hope you like them! :)

OH WAIT and you get to see (half of) my face! haha.
and a Linkin Park poster that wouldn't fit on my wall, so was forced to the back of my door! :D

i copied all of the small images off the cover of Collison Course! :D

Wow nice art here, love the wallpapers as well! Here's a little wallpaper I created today. Took a photo of my new Special Edition album I bought today and added some flavor to it on photoshop ;D

Some graffiti artwork I've done:

And Last but not least, Photography ;D

Here's mine :)

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