Drifting Through Time


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Working on it CamaroLP :)
Thanks for the report btw :D

CamaroLp said:

Michelle, thank you for you feedback). That mermaid.. I usually don't draw human face, I can say even not draw at all, but here it looks nice, do you?

P.S: Oh! What the Hell?! Here are these spamers again Oo. Hey, administration, please delete all this crap and ban them!

OK guys, I think I've gotten all the spam to date off this thread. Thanks again for the report :D
Should I have missed anything or you notice more, feel free to email me directly at lpmoddragon@gmail.com [Please note the email address is for Linkin Park/LPU related reports only and is not to be used for personal emails, including requests to join any sites :) ]

The mermaids face is perfect! Kind of seems Egyptian with those eyes! really nice job here!

Thanks for removing all the spam!

here is some more progress on the painting I'm working on I titled it 'Drifting Through Time"

What do you think of it or what should I work on?

 photo Drifting.jpg

Oh, great! dragonlp20©, thank you very much for removing spam:)

Michelle, thanks. Yea, these eyes seems Egyptian to me too.
Hm, you know I don't know what can be added here. Maybe I would add some depth to picture, but photo can't render the exact painting, so I'm not sure...

Thanks CamaroLp.....here it is finished...do you think my work has gotten better?

 photo driftingthroughtimefinished_edited-1.jpg

Definitely better. It's great, Michelle)

Here is one I titled 'Keeper of Dreams' it's not done yet...what do you think?

 photo KeeperofDreams1.jpg

Drew this of Chester some time ago. :)


Helle...it's pretty descent! I don't think his nose is that big though....but you did a very good job drawing it...!!!:)

I agree, the nose is a bit big. Thanks! :)

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