same as before :) Whomever you have the hots for, just post a pic here :P

[OK, so I gave in and posted the thread :P]

I should take this time to add.... keep the pix PGish as we will have younger kids on here. Shirtless guys are ok, but no topless chicks or anything showing "below the belt" (no just boxers/briefs/bikini/towels is not enough... again, PG, not PG-13)

Again guys: PG...... if it is too sexually suggestive, I will delete the post and quote whatever may be appropriate.... if it happens too much, I'll have to start warning and/or suspending you guys so please, keep it PG.......

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Nicole said:

[Sorry :( You can sue me later for not deleting earlier -- needs more than a towel]

too much on the chick :(

Stephanie Johnson said:
Yummy lol...Jensen is definately on my list too

Chester Bennington Pictures, Images and Photos

Love him <3
Who is this Caro?

Caroline Heggdal (Moderator) said:

Love him <3

the eyez...

oh the eyez...

Joel Madden from Good Charlotte

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