Since I haven't found one of these yet I figured I'll make a poetry thread, where we could either share poetry/lyrics or discuss favorite poets or lyricists. To start off the thread I'll post one of my own pieces. Hope to see what everyone else's work and maybe learn about some other poets. Criticism is appreciated but lets be nice to each other about it :)


I'll share with you my heart
a desire unafraid
hushed with lullabys and older dreams
we're always in the same place

life/the key to living
love/the key to loving
I desire none but myself

and so I'll weep to you
dear reader and lost friend
that my heart holds
the stories of anger and hate
mistrust and my own shame
love and lost love
misplacement and sadness

I can't tell you why
these feelings of mine
are so down
cos you see
I only share with you my heart

sob stories are for the weak
and I can show no weakness
I already have too much
for the simple things I'll never have
in toy cars and choo choo trains

I share with you my heart
and lullabys that never rock me to sleep

I share with you my heart
cos it's all I really have left to give

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Congratulations, the poem is very beautifull.
The Crying Child

The shadow peers across the window I’m left awake the wind whisping trees
I know but nothing in world’s deep slumber
My eyes can’t hold their stay I can’t remember her face
It’s all rotted blossoms timeless moments I can’t remember
I felt the darkness
A push for silence a solace I could forget the peril
The crying child in rooms next door
She holds onto nothing her tears forsaken; mommy’s left the bathroom door
Wide open
With lights for little baby no monsters in the night
And then there’s silence
A vote for nothing was it all I ever had
The child’s not screaming the cries are whispers
And mommy has forgotten her glory

I stare into weeks prior
The baby with her bottle and mommy’s glowing eyes
A fading dream
Close to rusted
Like the bathroom pipes
In babies silence I kiss her mommy
And remember lip balm and strawberry flavors
Their names forgotten
In restless whispers, it’s lost forever

I look out the window
A steady rain
Falls down from skies above a process come full circle
And in my darkness the vision subtle
I’ll find forever and lose what’s nothing
Carry me over to the sacred garden
And fell the man
I was before I forgot him

In winter’s solace I’ll still remember
A time not long forgotten
But in the mainstream
I’ll see no process in learning slow slumber
My mind speaks riddles
‘The fool and the player
All part of a game
D’you remember daughter’s sweet name?’

In rusted raindrops and showers frozen rain
The child’s still screaming and mommy’s gone insane
But I’m still here now
A puncture in the walls posted boards
Dead Man’s Curve

It’s been a long night driving in the dark
Without my lights
Without a way to see the road
I’m carrying a heavy load
And getting through on nerve
In search of dead man’s curve
And only you are there to see
The one and only real me
You let go and I’m afraid
Of all the nights I’ve never prayed
And maybe I’m just blind
I haven’t found my peace of mind

It’s been a long night driving in the dark
Without my lights
Without a way to cut the silence
I’m carrying a lot of violence
And, man, I’ve got the nerve
To conquer dead man’s curve
And only you are there with me
And walk away before you see
You let go without a word
Over something that you must have heard
And maybe I’m just blind
I’ll never have my peace of mind

by JJ Christopher
Facebook: JJ Christopher
Ghost---wow really deep.

Christopher....I really liked that one kind of dark

The words forever kept within
The heart in chains, divided
Where, oh, man, to travel to?
A distance not abided
Caressing cold, a touch abandoned
And not to die
Wherein thee, a whispered thought
A tear to never cry

by JJ Christopher
Facebook: JJ Christopher
I’ll Be a Man

The stars do shine
On who will dine
On restless souls
So filled with holes
I comprehend
The bitter end
The only light
It has no sight
And what will be
Is destiny
And if I can?
I’ll be a man

The time we waste
On useless haste
To make a stand
Where there’s no land
And who’s to say
I couldn’t play?
Out on the ledge?
Behind the hedge?
And, what the hell?
I only fell
And if I can?
I’ll be a man

The tallest tree
Of life, you see
They’re chopping down
All over town
The nightmare calls
Throughout the halls
The final breath
Beloved death
And it’s a shame
I have no name
And if I can?
I’ll be a man

My heaven waits
Unlock the gates
I’d dig the well
That leads to hell
And in disguise
You’ll find my eyes
For when you seek
You are the meek
What kind of game
Could be the same?
And if I can?
I’ll be a man

by JJ Christopher
Facebook: JJ Christopher
Your two most recent poems are fantastic JJ. Prisoner was short but I prefer that one, it's just really nice. Well done :)
Been a while since any of us has posted. Hope the thread doesn't die :(

Here's my newest piece.

Locking Up Birds

We’re locking up the birds
Telling them what to do
Scoffing at the burned out questions
They always ask
When we refuse to feed them

We’re locking up the birds
And laughing at the sky
Scaring away the eagles
Who’re always ready to die

We’re locking up the birds
Screaming in their eyes
Locking up birds
Wondering how and where
When and why

Birdie, birdie sing to us
Sweat out all your tears
Laugh and cry and die for us

We’ll hand out little treats
When you’re well behaved
But don’t ask too many questions
We’ll put you back away

We’re locking up the birds
To control their very lives
Locking up birds
So no one asks us why
ghost...pretty good!


Built on the horizon
tension builds
suddenly existence dwindles
and can not be contained
conscious and aware
tiptoeing around
who comes this
way around is mine

Relentless new sounds
hungry for pain
they ask as I stare
as a king we follow
in circles we suffer
Insufferable Delusions

With my mind running
so scarred
problems with a deliverance
and no one calls
so many questions
to be solved
safer on the inside
thirsty for the decay
you speak of understanding
and fear it the same way
secretly suffering
Poetry hmm? I wrote this for my boy. He's 3

My little boy with the moon in his eyes
he shows me where it resides
and the light it provides

He wonders where all the butterflies
went, and the fireflies
sent their message of light

Content to sit here by my side
and watch the cars roll by
as day and night collide

I want to tell him how he changed my life
when he opened his eyes
and made the angels cry but nah...

he wouldn't hear me even if he tried
cause he's a little guy
but he's mine... all mine :)
not exactlly a poem or whatsoever, but more like a memoair. Anywho, the last couple of weeks I've been writing a lot of stuff that I've been going through, and which i someday would like to be published. Here are some:

Do you know how it feels like to be betrayed? I feel like your answer would be something like whatever. It's not whatever, it's the reality, it's the truth and it's society. It all depends on what you care about, what you do and what your wishes are. You can't stand down there in the valley thinking everything will be O.K when it will never be somewhere near your imagination. Life is torture and some get through it differently than others. You might think people will go through the same stuff when they grow up, but that's wrong. We are all different, so the next time you say “i know how you feel” think once again, do you? Really? No, you don't. It's your imagination that tricks you into believing something you want to believe when it's all false. Do you want to know the very first thing after I blacked out? That one night. I'm eight years old again, sitting in my grandfathers apartment looking for coins. I'm listening to my grandfather how coins are made, and how he always used the smallest coins back in Canada so he could get rid of them. That's what popped into my head. I'm no longer those small coins that had a hole inside of them. I'm no longer a theory of perfection. But you do want to know the very first thing that entered my mind before I blacked out? You.

Losing someone in a tragedy is not something you do everyday. It takes time to get over something like that and it hurts like a gunshot when it happens. The process of sorrow is like the blood that never stops bleeding, and the air begins to freeze in your lungs because you can't handle the truth anymore. Your only thought throughout this is “what did I do to deserve this” and “what did I do wrong?” it's not your fault. It's never your fault. It's something your mind keeps playing so you will have something to believe in. Someone asks for suicide, but really, what's the answer in a death caused by yourself? You'll get to a better place, but your parents wont. It's selfish. Everyone goes through something rough in their lives. Take me for an example, I spent the last seven years thinking life wouldn't get any better, but here I am, seven years later, I'm happy. It's hard for me to show it though, because I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what people might see in me when I no longer have this mask of depression stuck in my face.

My question to you is, how long have you been in the storm? With these waves crashing over your head like a bullet rain in the worst war your could only imagine. I know you didn't go out here to drown or bring me down. We are surviving, even if we're ten feet under the surface. Take a deep breath and ask for help when you truly need help, but I can only imagine how many times you've tried to hurt yourself instead of being hurt by someone else. So I wonder, have you found any cure yet? The shit you're going through now will never stop the invasion into your braincells, it'll only make the progress go slower than usual. But the faster you heal, the faster he'll get to you. He you ask? Well he's in your mind. More I cannot tell.

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