Since I haven't found one of these yet I figured I'll make a poetry thread, where we could either share poetry/lyrics or discuss favorite poets or lyricists. To start off the thread I'll post one of my own pieces. Hope to see what everyone else's work and maybe learn about some other poets. Criticism is appreciated but lets be nice to each other about it :)


I'll share with you my heart
a desire unafraid
hushed with lullabys and older dreams
we're always in the same place

life/the key to living
love/the key to loving
I desire none but myself

and so I'll weep to you
dear reader and lost friend
that my heart holds
the stories of anger and hate
mistrust and my own shame
love and lost love
misplacement and sadness

I can't tell you why
these feelings of mine
are so down
cos you see
I only share with you my heart

sob stories are for the weak
and I can show no weakness
I already have too much
for the simple things I'll never have
in toy cars and choo choo trains

I share with you my heart
and lullabys that never rock me to sleep

I share with you my heart
cos it's all I really have left to give

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Thanks Michelle it's good to be here, especially seeing all the new poems from everyone :)

Well here's my latest piece, tell me what you think.

A Shade of Blue

piercing shadow light
wind claims the soul

i refrain this has gone too far
her eyes visions from a dream
remind me
the cold whispers
the rustling leaves
telling secrets
chattering mouths
open wide

a tale and a trick
a fly in the tea
but why
what can you see
no more

inward cry
sly smile
the rain makes life
and life drinks soil
and blood is the wine
the boy that i was
to the girl that i had
where has she gone

a trickster
seeks resonance
for sound reason
eyes glazed over
from what
a toy train
with batteries run dry

seeking solace
in dream
fails the heart
and fells the soul

a twitch and fix
no room for
no tea for peace
no animal
on the leash

and where was i
i was nowhere
lost in the cry
of my own beating heart
really nice piece I especially thought it had a strong ending. I liked "lost in the cry of my own beating heart" great line!

Hey I wanted ask everyone which two of my poems really stick out or are your favorite... if any. I am entering a contest in Dec and wanted an opinion...thank you!
@Michelle: Thank you I was particularly proud of that piece :)

I prefer Just Somber myself; especially the second stanza, fantastic work and use of words, The whole piece just stands out for me.

I hear the leaves, blowing in the wind intending to whisper to me secrets and meanings but their voice is off
guard and quiet, the wind yelling louder than they’re dried out bodies can muster
and I fair no better screaming to stay alive, screaming to be remembered

I remember when I was a child, the meaning of the wind and the voices of the trees everything was so much bigger, so much more, and I claimed an old oak tree and made it as a fort to keep my dreams
and play childish games with castles and dragons flying in the sky
On summer nights I’d stay out late and mom would be displeased

I played with sticks and loose branches, falling from the sky
and it’s now I remember innocence and tall tales the kind I’ve never lived

And now my old oak tree stands just as before, high and strong
and here I am no longer that child from before but someone else entirely

I remember the sunstrokes of spring and the slumber of my father, wracked and tired from a long nights work
maybe dreaming about his own childhood, a world beyond his reach
and absurdities of dreams, about the follies of youth were nothing more than wishes to return to lost innocence
a time when everything was pure, and worries were nothing more than school work and less play time

I remember simple times, my father teaching me to ride my bike, losing patience but keeping calm
laughing at my mistakes, and my fear of falling down, telling me to try again that ‘practice makes perfect’

And on occasion I remember the fights between mom and dad and how I thought it was my fault
How it was me who brought them here, if I didn’t exist they’d still be happy, but truth was different than my thoughts, and I was told that ‘sometimes mommies and daddies don’t love each other anymore, it’s not your fault it’ll never be your fault’

And now I sit in a dream to remember, a time when I listened to the leaves blowing in the wind, a time when being death was unreality, a time when pain was just a scrape on the knee or being banished to the corner

I watch my old oak tree, swaying back and forth and before I leave I sit under my old oak tree
and I stay out late thinking of castles and dragons and childish games

and I hear the whispers of the leaves blowing in the wind they tell me ‘childhood is forever, being remembered means nothing’
wow ghost..that has to be your longest piece..nice job

here's a rough draft of one I just wrote

Wilted Tears
The rain falls
the shadows lurk
a sadness rising
with these wilted tears falling down
desperation in a sincere word
now away and gone
keeping time
with lavender vanilla
Hearts speak
in a jilted tongue
with these wilted tears
falling down
Tainted Sight

Sifting through memories
dreaming I am awake
slumbering quietly

Under this cold and
silent moonlight
falling further
to depths where
forgotten dreams
are remembered

Lost and lonely
only to those
who can not
see beyond
a mortals tainted

Touching to my
very soul
hiding behind

Longing for a silent dream
forgetting the regret
and letting go
I think everyone is writing some really nice pieces, as long as someone is expressing whats within them honestly I don't think there is any real "good" or "bad" poem, just a matter of perspective and wordplay I guess. So you know what? I'll put some of mine up for the heck of it. By the way, I myself am not quite sure if "doppleganger" is a poem or a poem/short story. It just kinda came out of me that way so I'll hope you guys will enjoy it anyway.

He holds it in another day
Bitter lonely words he can't say
Stress and anger cloud his mind
A hopeless soul longs for truth it cannot find

To cope with sadness he must face
He goes into a quiet place
Breaking the silence of his heart again
He purges the rage with ink and pen

Cutting out the pain with every word he writes
He bleeds it onto solid white
For all the tears he shed alone
He gives a testament to every one

For all the guilt and secret shame
He makes the words reflect the same
Nevermind the hands of the clock
His heart is what tells him when to stop

His emotions drained to the very last
He's given it all he has
The burden lifted when the truth is said
He finds a place to lay his head


Animus Contagion

Constant echoes of thoughts
To fade into the past
Returning clear in the present
Awakening what was lost
Consuming what was there
Burning eyes
Trembling hands
The blood runs hot
Where is your humanity?
It suffocates under the weight of your hate
Heart is in discord
Limbs jerk in spasms
A spreading paroxysm
Fists clinched with rage
Why do you feed it?
The animus
To bring it release
To give it form
A distorted face
It takes power over man
An emotion he can't control


Through a sleeping city in autumn night
I walk alone, searching my mind
Resolution for the lost soul eluding
To inviting even a stranger's care
Dodging thoughts of things I cannot bear
Done hosting frustration and weakness, I look around
An empty corner, a streetlight, but not a sound
By too much thinking, or lack of rest
I am at a loss of my ubiety
My sense of being
A swoon sweeps my body
Legs begin to give out
I press myself to the streetlight
Leaning to it as a makeshift crutch
I let a heavy breath from my lungs
Watching the mists' evanescence
Hoping to center my reeling mind
From where did I come?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
Thought is too much
I become nauseous
Arm clutched tight to my stomach
I feel a pulse
A heartbeat
Pounding against my chest
What came over me?
An aching comes to my head
I slump to the cold sidewalk
Huddled at the base of the light
A numbness fills my mind
The florescent glow dims
Then I hear a voice whisper
Was it the night wind?
Or my own thoughts?
It spoke as a recollection of memory
With and without words at once
A small white house
A dark little room
I am a child
Scared, hiding
A door opens
I hold tight to a silver pocket-watch
He's coming
I put the watch to my ear
I don't want to hear
I shut my eyes
I don't want to see

“Wake up.”
Came the whisper
I open my eyes
Back under the streetlight
The familiar desolate street
The quiet hum of the electric glow above
I am alone again...
There's someone there now
Under a streetlight before me
Yet so darkly shadowed
He sits, he waits, silent
Watching me
Veiled in black
A sheet of umbrage cast over
Hands and face drained and pale
Eyes empty, deep, without light
Unspoken introverted rage
Festering self-loathing, suicidal intent
In the mirror of eyes
Eyes of one who knows me...
He was me
My heart straining to turn from this phantom
Flesh of newly fallen snow, unbroken
What lies within is known, to me alone
Scarred deep
Hidden pain
His presence speaks without words
Sounds the phantom clock
Mechanical and hollow
Purpose not being the reason of simple functionality
The advent of forgotten memory
Emotions painted black by perversions of reality
Drawing ever near
Louder with promise
Of coming Calamity
Struggling to my feet, I'm held fast again
A witness in silent horror
To see the Other do the same
As if gazing in a mirror
Every awkward movement in sync
With sign of my previous “fatigue”
This demonic mime
Was surely me
A chill greater than the cold runs through me
Beholding the face of pure apathy
The trance broken
He approaches with a cat's silence
And unknowing intent
I broke into a sprint
Leaving the light of the sidewalks
For the darkness of the alleyways
A darkness that held as tightly as winter frost
Feet pounding hard against cracked pavement
Upon unseen filth of the back streets
Shadow cast upon broken brick and gutters
There is none other than my own to follow
Laying my head to rest on a graffiti wall
Tribal arch's like claws entwined
Help to distract this frantic mind
A drop of water from a roof overhead
A sympathetic tear upon my brow
Awakening another memory sealed away
The dark room's nightmare relived
A child's cry and pleading unheard
Bleeding a shadow of hatred unforgiving
The animus, the incubus is born
No longer afraid, from the past I wake
Remnant discarded in silent wait
Silver watch and chain revealed in hand
The past wants acceptance
The present to heal
It's for my sake that he's here
I'll no longer run
My face taken in his hands
And he pulls me in
The darkness, moon, and star filled sky
Become nothing

When I woke to see the blue of dawn
A familiar pain was in my heart
But something new began to form
With the first breath of silver morning mist
A will to live and overcome, something called Hope
Sleep now dark twin, we are one
Now that I'm fully in the mood I might as well put up a few more.


Silence now
Upon these fields
Where the wind has come to lie

Whisper soft, if you must tell
Of secret days past in golden twilight
Here with me forever by your side

When night passes overhead
Dearest friend, don't be afraid
The silent moon will light our way
Safe to sweetly dream far from howling wind

As dawn breaks as we wake
Our secret place of evergreen bathed in gray
Through Heaven's clouds upon Earth we wander into day

Silence now
Upon these fields
Where the wind has come to lie

Hand in hand
Come walk with me
In these fields where it’s just you and I


Deepest Black (Four Voices)

A shadow has been cast over the world
To darken every soul of any light
The veil is pulled over truth
It seeks to devour the very Sun
A voice like the winds blow within its wake
It whisper's softly within the ear
Its voice is clear to the open heart
"Heed the voice less heard"
A cry springs forth from Earth
Carried by the seven seas upon the land
It laments of suffering, death, despair
Its voice is loud upon the Sons of Man
The many people scattered about
For all their business with naught
Dust settled between the ears
The Third shall catch them unaware
The voice they raise of ignorant pride
Pleasure and greed consume their minds
As the foundation of societies lies begin to fall
They shall carry on, though the truth exposed to them all
And so it comes, subtle and great
A deception garbed in the guise of salvation
Blinding their willing eyes in darkest light
The shadow descends upon a fallen world
Whom heeded The First flee the shadows wrath
They bear a light that hopes for a coming day
So their blood is shed to feed the Beast
Who fears the coming First and Last
To the few in search for a reason
To seek what's beyond our shattered world
A wind is blowing through the land
Take these words for a breath of that air, and understand
We follow the many in fear of rejection
But the road to what’s right is followed the least
To you who feel you wander this world alone
Who sees an unbalance in the midst of it all
Be not afraid, we are one in the same
Stranger's lost in an uncaring world
The many will come and call you to join
If you should falter, when their words give you doubt
Look past their eyes to the truth of their hearts
An intent contrary to the good of their deeds
We carry a light within our soul that God shares
And so you shall see theirs is a deepest black

Masochism of The Soul

All alone
You and a conscience
What did you think it would come to?

Don't you hear the raven's above
Black sky of infinite wings
Singing the dirge laying you to rest

The incubus in your soul
The past is what you create
Constant regret

Bound by chains of guilt
Desires thought to set you free
A slave to your own darkness

Sins wrought under the moon
Kept hidden from the sun
Secrets lie in silence but so long

Bear the scars on your heart
Keep this voice in mind
Relinquish, confess, liberation

The gift laid to waste
This ephemeral existence
Eternity waits in forgiveness

Drifting in disbelief
Succumb to the coming tide
Drown a victim to your iniquity

Look again to the heavens
Know their unfathomable endlessness
To deny a realm greater than the cage you've been confined

The cosmos, sea, wind, the breath of life you take
The dawn, twilight, love, the certainty of death
Simple in their nature, beyond 'wisdom' of man

Take your petty pride of life, breathe your last
To die in ignorance, unknown beauty of truth
A fate even Hell shall pity

Well Michelle, I can definately say Tainted Sight is my favorite of yours at the moment, I don't know why, it's just so bootiful I guess lol. Seriously all your poems are great, and that goes for Ghost Child as well. Seeing you guys posting your work up made me want to put up mine as well. I hope more people continue to post here because from what I've seen, there are alot of awesome poets posting on here. That goes for everyone.

Michelle said:
really nice piece I especially thought it had a strong ending. I liked "lost in the cry of my own beating heart" great line!

Hey I wanted ask everyone which two of my poems really stick out or are your favorite... if any. I am entering a contest in Dec and wanted an opinion...thank you!
By the way Michelle I just checked out your profile and damn girl, your a great artist too! Are you using your writing and art for a career or anything, because you definately could. I apologize if this sounds like empty flattery, I'm not that kind of person. I just am happy to see people's work and talent on this site and it's a damn shame if they aren't shared with more people. You know it's kinda funny and tragic in a way, some time ago before major league sports and MTV(should really be RTV, R for 'reality') and all the crap people are constantly glued to a TV screen watching, artists and writers used to inspire and motivate the world with their work in ways which now are hard to believe. These days the arts are pushed further and further back not just clturally but in schools (in my high school for exmpl.) there was talk of closing the art and drama departments for a lack of budget. Of course, the sports programs would receive those funds and be preserved. I don't think its happened as of yet but just knowing that those would be the first to consider closing says something. The world isn't too much different. We place more value on trivial, carnal pleasures than seeing the world and people around us for what they are and to be really willing to do something when its in shambles like it is today. Damn.....I didn't really mean to go off on a tangent like this, sorry, when I get to thinking everything just comes out.

Michelle said:
Tainted Sight

Sifting through memories
dreaming I am awake
slumbering quietly

Under this cold and
silent moonlight
falling further
to depths where
forgotten dreams
are remembered

Lost and lonely
only to those
who can not
see beyond
a mortals tainted

Touching to my
very soul
hiding behind

Longing for a silent dream
forgetting the regret
and letting go

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