Since I haven't found one of these yet I figured I'll make a poetry thread, where we could either share poetry/lyrics or discuss favorite poets or lyricists. To start off the thread I'll post one of my own pieces. Hope to see what everyone else's work and maybe learn about some other poets. Criticism is appreciated but lets be nice to each other about it :)


I'll share with you my heart
a desire unafraid
hushed with lullabys and older dreams
we're always in the same place

life/the key to living
love/the key to loving
I desire none but myself

and so I'll weep to you
dear reader and lost friend
that my heart holds
the stories of anger and hate
mistrust and my own shame
love and lost love
misplacement and sadness

I can't tell you why
these feelings of mine
are so down
cos you see
I only share with you my heart

sob stories are for the weak
and I can show no weakness
I already have too much
for the simple things I'll never have
in toy cars and choo choo trains

I share with you my heart
and lullabys that never rock me to sleep

I share with you my heart
cos it's all I really have left to give

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Here's one I just wrote.




Caught between the Now and Then,
the Here and There,
the How and When.

Stuck inside the Never Was,
the What Should Be,
the What Could Be.

Trapped inside the Never Cared,
the Never Shared,
the Pain That’s There.

Holding on to the All Alone,
the Always Does,
the Just Because.

Never seeing the Who We Are,
because we have not 
quite reached that far.

Always stuck in the Middle of Things,
but always never apart of them.

And yet we all wonder why no one understands us.

@ZARA: that piece is really really well written. Two big thumbs up.

@Angelique: really nice rhythm I can almost hear Mike rapping that one, plus I love how short and sweet it is, and the way you ended it was very nice, just a sudden stop that leaves questions ringing in our heads.


This is my most recent piece.


The Serpent


Once forgotten and broken, today the serpent stands strong

Forging paths out of desire, to hold a candle to the face of strangers

Calmly lighting the shadows calloused in clarity

He loses the stilted laughter so old in his eyes

To gather the concept once more

But rising tides and aero plane wings sleep higher than a serpent can fly


And his agelessness is not remembered

By the brothers who sent him here

But by those that know the name of kings

For crimson is not the colour of Gods


And the serpent climbs for nothing but hope

Losing touch with the sanity of earlier bearings

It’s here a serpent will learn, there is no point in going further

No point in going back, only life can tell the way

And life will always end

These are very nice poems. I joined this site because my 9 yr old son is a HUGE LP fan.

 I think he stumbled upon them on youtube, I noticed he was singing " The little things give you away" while playing the ps3

  Here is a poem he wrote for his 3rd grade class ( which the kids made fun of him for) but I love it.


  With windows and gold

light and sun

life is at fullest

if you're the one

If you survive the the cold and hot

you are legendary

You are, you are

@Glenn very cute


Here is one I just wrote what are your thoughts on it?




Underneath the rain
and in a silhouette of fear

I can feel your breath
slowly taking in mine

seeking for a hand
to lift me up

In the darkness
an existence dwells
a complete absence
of light

Shallow is his heart
deep is his pain
drowning out
the sounds
of my falling tears

That is very nice Michelle, if my son continues with his writing, I hope he gets out of it what you and the others do.

 I think my head is ruined with the day in / day out work, work, work scenario..I think my mind shuts down when I get home.

 Don't forget how to write.

@Glenn ...thank you!


Never Speak


Speaking without words
hearing without sound
remind me why
so never speak
in stealthy silence ride


True in a twitch
yet no remorse
so never speak
in wondrous mystery


Riding the wind
my mind afloat
speaking to you
without words
hearing you
without sound


So never speak
to you again

I seem to be in a writing mood today...this poem is about bullying


Thunder With No Lightning


Don’t ask them why
they won’t hear you

Don’t ask them please
just suffer the sounds of loneliness


As they laugh
at your sorrow
as they point
out your flaws
to you
laugh to yourself
and know your own strength


Thunder with no lightning
can’t strike you down


So on this fearless night
keep your eyes to the light
and fight for your place
on this plane of space
we share with each other

Recently discovered this cool thread. A great place for art and critique from others. Here's one I've written for my class project. Hope you like it :)




I let you pour all your problems into me,

Never even took a drip back

Till it was time to drain me dry.

I'd never crack nor break,

At least, not when you were around.

But now you've left me on the side somewhere,

Still with sour slops festering inside me.

Hoping you've forgotten.

Because nobody leaves out dirty dishes on purpose, right?

Pale Shadows


With this distance
I remember
a faint dream
of long ago

The shadows hold
me closer
they comfort
me like rain


In scattered whispers
I can hear them
cry your name


So call out
the shadows
and the them
shine beneath
this sun


and like a
pale shadow
you comfort
me like rain

Shadowed Angels



Realizing the dream
I wake
sleepless nights
amidst the dark

Shadowed angels
visit me underneath
the cloudless sky

Their broken wings
will mend in time
say the stars

So much less
fear now that
shadowed angels
guide me though
all of the pain

My shadowed angels
visit and reveal
to me light in
an ever darkening

I really like that one, Michelle :) :) :) Great words and well put :) :) :)

Michelle said:




Underneath the rain
and in a silhouette of fear

I can feel your breath
slowly taking in mine

seeking for a hand
to lift me up

In the darkness
an existence dwells
a complete absence
of light

Shallow is his heart
deep is his pain
drowning out
the sounds
of my falling tears

If I studied William Blake, I might discuss the poet's concern with having two opposite sides.
Ripped Muscle X


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