Hey, not all of us have iPhones! Could there possibly be ports of this game to other platforms availible? I would buy it in that case, but not otherwise!

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I agree...sometime even my ps2 gets stuck so PC would be the best bet

Nerd Fourty-Two said:
I'd definitely buy a PC/Windows version - even if it has to run in a little teeny window because it was made for phones
hi my neme is max
At least to release it on all Touch screen based phones,if it really requiers a touch screen,if we can't afford an Iphone,im sure we can afford a LG touch or any other Touch Phone
I would be very happy to try this game since my parents just won't buy me an Ipod or Iphone,its obvious cuz they brought me an LG KU990 1 or 2 years ago and it was quite expensive
I do love your Dark Side of the Moon picture (:
Oh thanks. It's going to be the cover of my Daft Punk remix album if/when I ever get that done :)

Ryan Stevenson said:
I do love your Dark Side of the Moon picture (:
that would be cool, cause I have a very good mobile, it´s a few years old, but it works. Anyway I´ll never have the money for an Iphone.

Brandon Randolph said:
Mike posted on his blog, they will be looking to add it to other mobile devices too :)
I'd so buy this for Android if it came out. :( Please come out for Android XD

You should make it to WIndows Phone 7, it would be a great hit :)

If iCan get an iPod Touch, then I could be lucky! :)
can you port it to J2ME?i can't buy iPhone or iPad.i think,that you can do it
Played it isn't my thing why was it called 8-bit rebellion the graphics are more like 16bit :P
The title "8-bit Rebellion" refers to the music. The graphics just generally reference "old video games"

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