Okay so this is probably going to seem like a stupid question that may or may not have ALREADY been answered. 

However here it is anyways.

So I preordered the Living Things Album (Physical) alongside an LPU membership back in April (the 25th I believe) And I have received the first email containing the code for the first Remix. 

I have not however, received the second remix email (which could quite possibly be on the way sometime this week anyways. There are a lot of emails to send out I'm sure).

But the main thing that concerns me is that I haven't received the album itself. (Along with my laminate and whatnot from my LPU membership) 

What my question (or rather concern more so) is where these are, or what has happened. I'm 100% sure all of the information that I entered for my purchase was correct. So I'm unsure whether it's taking longer for shipping because I'm in Canada (which doesn't seem like it should be a problem) or something has gone wrong. 

Any help that could be offered would be awesome. 


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Read the confirmation e-mail that you have received one more time. It says:


"If you have a question about your pre-order download, please contact our customer service department by sending an e-mail towbr@b3custserv.com so we may accommodate your request."

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