Now i am getting a bit mad, i have checked all the stuff they write about on the "help" page, and i have sent a mail to the support but havent got an answer, i am getting nowhere!

I just wanna download the Sweden show that i have paid for, everything is right on my end.


Does anyone else have the this problem?

I have the newes java, tried it on firefox and explorer, same shit, i see no download manager, i cant find anything to click on to get somewhere.



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I can understand that, i wish i had a good answer...

I think its a bit weird that the Finland show "came up" before the one from Sweden...i mean, they have had more to upload that one since they were here earlier....

Anywho, i do really hope that they fix the problems that seems to be on their end, so we who paid 4 this finally can watch it!

ok I got my salary today and tried to purchase the show again, now it works *rolleyes*.

really cool it cost me twice as much it should have.. oh well, at least I can FINALLY see the Finland show <3


edit. lol it was only mp3 files :D I thought I could get video footage -.- 

What!? only mp3s?! i thought if you bought the show it would be the whole concert with video and all...or im i missing something?


I thought so too... but only mp3s lol :D and I payed twice for this -.- AND the sound quality is awful lol.

oh well, LP <3 :D

Crixan Jokiniemi said:

What!? only mp3s?! i thought if you bought the show it would be the whole concert with video and all...or im i missing something?



Try the steps here.... [main thing that is f-in people up is that they thinkin the main profile will work for the downloads site, but it won't... you have to creat an account at BEFORE you try to download the content] This is the case for all shows, not just the US shows [only difference is it may take a few days longer for the show to become available]


If that still doesn't work, the email to contact the download support team is in that post

Same Problem Here !!

I want to Download the Nurburgring Show but it Doesnt Work!! I have the newest JAVA-Version and it is running its not a problem with JAVA !!! WHAT CAN I DO ?!?!?! ( Payed for this!)

Trying to download the Masfield, Ma August 14th show... No Download Bar, I've tried all suggestions listed her and on FAQ.
I can't wait for the support email to tell me to try what I've already tried.

i was beginning to think it was a scam. i too purchased one, and got no link to download. of course its been deducted from my account. 3 emails, and one week later still NOTHING and not a single response from the support team wtf. im PISSED

Same problem here, I paid for the Vancouver show and i got just 1 e-mail and NO code, NO download bar, nothing!
Please help me...

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