Ok I'm not sure if Mike is going to see this but I'm having problems with the comments on mikeshinoda.com.It's been like that for 3-4 days.Everytime I try to post a comment it doesn't show up.When I checked back later they were there but there was "your comments are awating moderation".I've asked a few people to look it up and tell me if they see my comments and they don't.So does anyone else have this problem and can someone tell me why it's happening?

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I'm asking Adam about it now :)

I'll get back with ya soon (if he doesn't beat me to it :P)
Um sorry for replying late but the problem is now gone so...yay:)Thanks anyway:)

dragonlp20 (moderator) said:
I'm asking Adam about it now :)

I'll get back with ya soon (if he doesn't beat me to it :P)
I didn't try to post another comment.It wouldn't let me post a comment at all.But anyway that problem is gone now...it was something about the site that I put in the info box.

KATHYxx said:
The only time I saw that notice was when I posted a second comment as an edit to my first one.

It means that your comment doesn't appear until it's been approved by an admin. I don't know why so many people don't understand this. It's to prevent dorks form spamming.

Mike likes his blog such that everyone gets ONE comment under 700 characters. Just because the one comment rule isn't strictly enforced doesn't mean people should post as many times as they want.

Are all you people with problems posting more than one comment per thread?

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