Will there be a 2010 Projekt rev tour?

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Most likely no. But since Linkin Park's new album is coming out in a few months, you can expect a Projekt Rev 2011
we've been waiting 4 ever and we still need to wait more
i hope they have one cuz last yr they didn't even rlly tour in the US during the summer which dissapointed me!! :(
yea that sucked. hopefully they release a single soon
i missed them twice in a row and then the chance i could see them they dont tour =( they need to hurry up i want to c them so badly.
As unlikely as it is, I so hope they do. The last two times they did I couldn't go see them :( Hell, PR:03 I even had bought the tix and had M&G pass but had to cancel last minute because I didn't have a ride down there.
I hope we get an new Project Rev and album soon... I really think they should add Within Temptation to the line-up. Sharon + Chester!

Is there any news on the new LP album? like a title or track-listing? You people should be grateful it's coming out this year and not like Portishead's most recent album "Third", (which is ace), 11 years between album, total hell.
I really hope that there's a 2010 pro rev! If there is (which is unlikely) I really hope they come up to Toronto,Canada that way I could finally see them play!
I'm wating for one. It will be soon because of the new album.

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