Has anyone heard if there is going to be a projekt revolution 2010?  I have been to a few of them and am really hoping that another one will be happening this summer...

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Hi!... Tnx for inviting! I'll be so glad to do that! You really meant it?????
How? When?......What is going on there?
Maybe 2011..
if there is one i really hope they come to texas again. maybe down south of it
As it's now June it's pretty obvious there won't be a Projekt Rev this year. Next year probably.
I doubt it. Cuz if they have the album and singles... they wont. If the album came out... lets say Today.... they would/
those tickets will probs be for a concert that is to do with them touring for a thousand suns not necisarilly though

kevin said:
my friend got tickets for one early cause her dad works at a ticket place, so i belive so, unless shes mistaken, or they could b for a dif year i just know she has tickets to a lp concert
Project Revolution 2010 in SACRAMENTO would be awesome. My dream lineup would include with Chris Cornell, Santana and Nickelback!!!!!!!!!! maybe Daughtry, Eminem AND Evanescence also.

Linkin Park you are AWESOME and Legen...wait for it... Dary, Legendary!!!!
I don't really know..
I was this one site..
But it's for U2..
I thought it was for LP and I got all excited..
But.. I checked out the venue for Seattle
and it said that Bono is having surgery so maybe and their tour is being postponed...
Maybe LP is trying to squeeze themselves into that venue or something..
idk.. I can only predict what their planning...
But I think their definitely going to have a U.S. tour..
They have to....

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