I hope pro shot live shows could focus more on Rob too because there are some of us who would love to see the drums in action..... anyone agree with me on this one?

Not only in drum solos for Bleed It Out but others too:

  • One Step Closer: The drums after the second "Just like before" Yea those cam people can improve their sync on this one so the cameras can fly to Rob when the drums after that part comes in!
  • With You: If this song ever gets played, have the cameras nearer to Rob during the intro won't hurt instead of just placing the camera facing the whole stage or the crowd? Anyway, the drums on this song is heavy and beast.
  • Somewhere I Belong: "And I will never know / myself until I / do this on my own /and I will never feel / anything else / until my wounds are healed / I will never be / anything 'till I break away from me / I will break away / I'll find myself today" I think most people would agree that the drums in this part of the song is insanely powerful and it's an amazing work of art because it synchronises with the lyrics 101%! I'd love to see it in action. I know the media or what wants to see Chester too on this part but I'm just suggesting the camera does not always have to stick to a close up on his face you know.
  • Faint: The intro of this song is a MUST!!
  • What I've Done: Even though I don't like this song I must say the drums and guitar on this is kickass
  • No More Sorrow: I think this one is pretty much self explanatory...

I mean I can go on and on man... But I just really *hope* the later proshot live shows could focus a little bit more on Rob too!! It doesn't always have to be Mike and Chester you know.

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