I know is a girly game & site & sh*t but my friend sent this to me. 

It has the music to Faint but in classical. 

Let me know if it is true or not. 




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I know a girly game site where you can dress up Chester Bennington. :-) I was pretty bored when I decided to see if there was one, but when I saw it I laughed so hard! :-D I don't have the adress anymore, but he looked pretty cute, a bit like the Britneys and the Shakiras that I used to dress up when I was little. *hides face in shame* Ah well, I'm still glad that I did not found an 'undress Chester Bennington' game, 'cause that wouldn't have been funny at all... 0.o Anyways, Linkin Park and classical music would be like combining the most heavenly things on earth, so I shall see if I can find it! ;-)

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