hey Guys,
sorry for my english..I'm german^^
ok,i wanna preorder the new album,and the page says that everyone who preorders the album gets the single the catalyst for free..

  • The mp3 version of the album delivered first - even with skate deck or tee purchase
  • The new single “The Catalyst” - delivered first
  • Early access to purchase tickets for shows on the band’s upcoming tour
  • Access to preview clips of each song on the album beginning weeks before release date
Delivery of the single occurs on or before 8.2. Delivery of the album and all other products occurs on or before 9.14, except for
the Fan Edition, which ships on or before 10.15.

so..when i preorder the CD + DVD Set...will i get the single "The Catalyst"?
because i want to buy the single before the album comes out..
but when i buy the single in the shop and a few weeks later i get the single with the album,than i have the single two times xD

can someone gimme the answer pls?
thx very much^^

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Can i preorder it with a EC-Card? because we havent got a creditcard :(((((
Yes, the CD includes the new single "The Catalyst". so yes, I guess in a way you will be getting the single two times. I just bought the mp3 album for 11.99.
And just to clarify things...I pre-ordered the mp3 album only for $12. So does this mean, I get just CD when it comes out and "The Catalyst" on August 2nd? Little bit confusing cause I just wanted to pre-order the CD and not the DVD so I just went with the mp3 album only.
okay finally I get it. What I got was the preview of making a thousand suns i guess. But oh well.
I would preorder the cd/dvd set right now but the shipping is more expensive than the cd itself...i mean wtf!!! If I buy it for 19 euros i would have to pay another 24 euros for the shipping.....fuck that!
i would say the same..
There is no other way to buy album without credit cards? I'm little and my parents dont give me the card code xD
Has the single for the pre order been released yet??????
I'm a little confused too. This is my first pre-order ever, usually I just wait for them to be released and go to the shops. I just bought the mp3 version, at $11.99. I got the video with it. So, do I just wait and A Thousand Suns gets delievered to my home?
what about the preview clips? when/how do we get those if we preorder the album?
Anybody can get a pre-order with a prepaid creditcard like moneybookers. And anyone can get an prepaid creditcard. For the dutch among us: http://www.creditcardervaringen.nl/moneybookers-mastercard-prepaid/.

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