if you have a chance to net chester. what kind of question you'll ask??

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I think I'd ask something like how he's able to turn his emotions into beautiful songs, or a questions as to why he plays guitar and that, but doesn't play on stage normally. Unless it's Shadow of the Day.
one of my questions will be like:
1- where did u left all those "hardcore" belts and throusers, and those kind of clothe u used to wear in the beginnings of LP?
2-Why..tell us WHY did u have to wear off that pretty piercing in your mouth?
3-It hurts when you have to change the size of your ear -expansor- earing? How often do u do? And till which size do u want to get?

that's some of my questions for him!

Just one - why no more glasses?
I can say that one: cuz he had a laser surgery a few years ago...

R. Hawks said:
Just one - why no more glasses?
How do i join or make a band, in a school that is full of hip hop lovers and me being the only one who wants to rock out!
My question would be simple: "Wanna drink a beer with me?"
I'll ask: what are you think of the women that we love you?
but I wonder how much the guys spend time together as friends, I mean friendly meetings, well, let the families come and spend time together, they have spent so much time working together. well, I am interested in their ordinary life. happy if they really?
pssht, i'd be too busy fainting to ask questions!!
could chester live again here in philippines????????? i want to see him in personal...
can i hug him????heheh
my quetion: hi chester!!!!!! will u marry me lol........?



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