So I'm mostly going to see Linkin Park. I barley know any of Incubus' stuff. Since they're co-headlining, I don't wanna go just to see LP sing about 10 songs. And its on to Incubus. Or the other way around...with the same amount of time on stage. Will LP be having the same amount of time on stage as any headliner does? As well as with Incubus?

Question #2-I might be going for the GA tickets. And I'll prolly get to the venue around 1:25pm when the concert is supposed to start at 6:30. I always go for the front row...or AT LEAST near it. I know it would prolly be too late to get there if I want front row. But should I at least be close to it? If not, should I go for bowl seats? Please reply! I have to plan this out. Thank You!

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LP and Incubus will be having both full shows.

Are you an LPU member? Maybe there is an early entry for LPU members at these shows and you can be in the front. Otherwise just buy better seats...

Thats actually a good idea! Also...what time do you think the concert would end? Cause i might end up having to take the public transit...

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