First off, I want to thank Mike and possibly the rest of the band for the survey, it makes me feel like I'm contributing to the cause. Also, this thread is being made as the recent survey's discussion (feel free mods to move me if I'm in the wrong, I only skimmed the ToU). This is for INDIVIDUAL feedback and to elaborate on some of the answers to the recent survey.


(My little rant, I didn't spend much time proofreading or preparing! So excuse me if I'm a bit scatter brained.)

First off, I like the new site. You guys definitely are very cutting edge with it, and I enjoy it. Just make navigation to the forums a little easier. As for the rest of this, moderators, I'm directing it to the band and I'm hoping you guys can keep this topic from become either a flame fest or a spam of deconstructive opinions. Also a nudge to the higher ups would be very appreciated :)


Alright Mike & Management, this one is actually for you so listen up. (Just bare with me on the wall of text)

The reason I made an account and posted here is to elaborate on the "Why are you not a member of the LPU anymore?" question. I love your band, and hell I download all my music EXCEPT Linkin Park. I've bought your albums and even saw you guys once in concert (2008 in Cleveland, you hit me on the head with the mic during In The End, oh well you probably don't remember). I joined LPU then because of the discounts I could get for the tickets, and paying $67 for $120 pit seats was pretty nice. Outside of that, I feel the LPU packages are lacking and very lackluster at that. They're not that attractive, and I know from my personal band experience it's hard to see the fan's point of view. 

The discount is still the main reason for me to get LPU (and since you guys haven't came close to me this year, I don't have an account, hence why I'm not on the more likely to be read LPU forums). The next big sell point to me was the live chats, except there's hardly anyone on during the week, and when an actual scheduled band member chat happens, I feel my questions to be either A) too narrow for the mass appeal for the other LPU members [thus wasting their chances at having their question read] B) never going to get heard by the band [just like I think this forum post will probably end up]. Also, why buy an LPU membership if my questions won't be answered, and the ones that were are available on or

Do I blame you guys for either of those situations? No. You're busy rock stars that have lives outside of making music, and I understand your days are probably strictly planned, or in your off time you guys are hanging around with family. I know it's the last concern on your mind when you get home from a tour to pop in the LPU chat (which I know you've been doing more frequently). So here's where my feedback ends and the innovation process begins. I like what you've guys have been doing on twitter, but I still feel like I will never be able to be heard by anyone in the band or management. The survey was a good step in the right direction, but I still feel like it's not enough to keep me coming to the site (which means sales for you guys in management). I'm more opted to use fan sites, and it's because I feel they're updated more frequently with fun and entertaining information. I also understand there's a huge grey area when you throw in the international audience and the fact millions of people want to have their opinions heard. I'm just one, but I'd rather let my concerns be voiced on behalf of the thousands that I know want to have more LP.


Also, this doesn't mean kill Mark with thousands of hours of filming/editting. The poor guy does a great job along with the rest of your team. Keep up the good work, and if you could, throw a few dubstep wobbles into the next album. :))



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