Best remix album ever made, I think. Normally I see a band's got a remix album and I think, "Eh, this is probably crap." When I listened to Reanimation, though, I was absolutely loving it. I still love it! It's my favorite remix album of all my favorite bands. (:

What do you think of it?

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I've got to agree with you, I still listen to every track on this cd whenever I can - especially By Myslf, which is probably one of my favorite pieces of music.. ever, especially the end stanza. The bass and the mix is just great on this cd.. I wish they would do some more remixes and their current work was more beat based like HT and Reanimation. Great cd!
Mike still does a lot of remixes with music and not only just LP music. If you go on his official blog he's got remixes. Plus, if you haven't heard these before, two of my favorite remixes by MIke with LP songs that you might like is Leave Out All the Rest Remix and What I've Done Distorted Remix. Both you can just hit up on Youtube. Idk, those two songs might just be the basis of the follow up album of MTM. They sound very similar to the New Divide sound but better.
You know, it's funny you mention this now -- when it came out, I didn't really know too many people that liked it. It just wasn't received well around my circles. People were expecting a Linkin Park sound, but what they got was something different. It introduced new people to a new style of music as well as brought in new Linkin Park fans from different fans of different genres. I enjoyed it a great deal.
I wish they made a second remix album. That would make me so happy. I cannot get enough of Reanimation, and I also want more. I always expected a remix album of Meteora. Maybe someday I'll get my wish. :( There are some of the Reanimation tracks I love better than the original, like P5hng Me A*wy and Wth>You :D
I can't think of any remixes off the top of my head that isn't from Reanimation. Any other remixes I do like, I know I haven't bought. Reanimation was worth the $17.65 when I first bought it. I am obsessed with the whole album, I've fallen in love with it all over again recently. I walk to school everyday, a 50 minute walk, and I have Reanimation playing every single day! I can only really carry one CD with me (my 7 year iPod no longer works :'[ ), so I chose that one, and never get tired of it. They put new lyrics into the songs, new beats, they put EFFORT into it. Most remixes just repeat lines a few times, put extra noise, and slap 'remix' on it. This (album) had as much pride in it as the others. Yay for Reanimation!
'With You' is the best track on this album!
I like a lot of the reanimation versions better than the hybrid theory versions. I love when they mess with chesters boice on the turntable in Enth E Nd it sounds so cool, and I also love frg/10, ppr: Kut, and X-Ecutioner Style.
Reanimation is one of my all time fav albums (of any band). At least top 5 if not top 2.
Album was great , i loved the remixes . Pprkut and Place for my head remix (cant remember the remix name for that one haha) and With You . Loved it , it's a fun album .
The only one I don't like better than the original is Points of Authority. The way they guitars are cut in the original is just stellar, the Renamation mix actually sounds more generic. All the other tracks imho beat the original, often by far. The Crawling remix is aaaammmmaaazzziiinnggg.

Reanimation is amaysing. I'm not wrealy a fan of remixes. But Reanimation is great. Though I think the original songs are better. Just my opinion. Though Reanimation rocks.

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