Do you think there will ever be one?


I certainly hope so. I am a big fan of Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Reanimation and like many fans, after they hit mainstream and the music style started to change I became slightly disillusioned and moved onto other things.


All you have to do is look at the sheer amount of content since Hybrid Theory and it makes total sense to shoot out another Reanimation. I'd love to know what underground artists want to do with the more recent content; and I would love to hear that content with a hip-hop feeling. It makes commercial sense, also. Although Linkin Park have gained a bucket load of new fans since the new slant and style, the same amount of people - probably more - would purchase Reanimation 2 as they did the first iteration. It reintroduces older fans to the more hip-hop variation of Linkin Park that has been missing amongst the last two albums, and introduces newer fans to a new style, and arguably a new culture.


In conclusion, I would love another Reanimation. Who's for it?

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Cannot believe there is not interest in this.

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