I got a kind of feeling what A Thousand Suns like I had with Reanimation. The sound is different of course but I eman ATS feels like awesome remix track, only we never had the original. Of course they are the original, but it just feelsl ike that. Reanimaton was verry experimental if you ask me, with beats. ATS looks same way, what you guys think?

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Well I don't have the same feeling with ATS but I know what you mean. Since a hell lot of people complain about their "new sound" I always feel like explainig. If you look at the stuff they've released in the past, ATS is just the music that HAD to come out.

 The experimental sttuff off Hybrid Theory + the electronics off Reanimation  + the melodys off Meteora + the soft touch off Minutes To Midnight = A Thousand Suns.

Well, that's how I feel about the whole "argument" ,about their new stuff.


I Love ATS and everything they've done in the past. And since they've been a big part of my life for over 10 years, I'm sure I'll like their stuff that comes after ATS.


All in all it doesnt feel like a remix album to me, more than the product of everything they've done in the past. :)

Jeej, I give you 100% right. Now the fact is that all their alvbums have some metal element (Only Reanimation doesn't. Ok, maybe a little.) You know, I think I gonne be happy with their new stuff, maybe the firs ttime I listen not. Justl ike The Catalyst, first I was like :huh

But I started to like it very fast. I started to udnerstand the music. But if they would ask me: Lode, gave us some advice: What sound do you want to have our next Album. I would say: Hybrid Theory Sound mixed with Drum And Base. (Maybe not possible, but I mean some heave guitars, Chester Screams mixed with Drum And Base Beats and leading Synths. Some soul feeling songs with piano and soft synths and at least 5 songs including Mike's rap. :d And to make it really perfect. A bonus track featuring Rob Swire's Vocals from Pendulum. (To get Drum And Base people closer to LP.)


That's probably not gonna happen, but I mean every fan will have their own thought. And justl ike a little child has is own thought like: I want candy. 'He don't thinks about others thoughts like that we don't want give candy because they had enough.' That's just happens with some fans, they only see their own thought. Not the band's thought. ATS has a lot of succes so the guys did a good job. Strange is there is a huge club of only Hybrid Theory lovers but another club only ATS lovers to. If people answers me: OMG!! Linkin Park? They're crap! all the screamings.. Sjeeks, they can't make music. When they hear the soft MTM or ATS they are like: Woow.. that's way better.

Haha yay ;D Well if it was my choice I'd love to have a bit of the heaviness and madness back from the early albums. but that doesnt mean i don't love and appreciate their current music. i love it. wooohhh.

as long as they stay together, be creative together, be smart and give their fans as much love as they do now, i'm even gonna be cool with country songs xD

and you're right with the two groups. i think it's a waste of time, and i only have one thing to say to the one group who's been complaining about their "new" sound: get your ass out off your hybrid theory asses and grow the fuck up. thank you xD

"i'm even gonna be cool with country songs xD" Wait untill they release an entire album like the LPU8! xD (Will still love it though)
can't wait! :D

An Van Oppens said:
"i'm even gonna be cool with country songs xD" Wait untill they release an entire album like the LPU8! xD (Will still love it though)

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