Hey guys,
Im not sure if there are any other threads discussing this but yeh, am I the only one who would be interested in a Reanimation II?!
Reanimation was an excellent remix album, and it was fantastic hearing all the different takes on Hybrid Theory/Hybrid Theory EP songs. But yeh, it seems like theres a lot of potential for remixes considering all the material they would have to work with (Meteora, MTM, New Divide, etc). Besides, Id love to hear some more of the hiphop side of LP, even tho theyre not exactly the "nu metal" act they used to be. Im sure itd be a phenomenal album!!


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Dude a reanimation 2 would be the tighest shit ever man really I'm so up for it it can really help some of these underground artist and make Linkin Park even tighter
I agree man it would be tight i mean imaging leave pht all the rest with a rap lyric on it, numb remix like in the end was i mean the posibbilities are infinite man!!!
I would LOVE them to make a reanimation 2, it would be the best thing since sliced bread :)
the new album could be remixed with no problem when u listen to it u can hear so many different ways the tracks could have gone

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