What do you guys think is better? I'm still unsure on which to buy

I would love to hear your opinions

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GA. You get into it a lot more. But it depends on if you think you're game enough to be squished by 38653896265289 people, of you prefer safety :)
I was in GA for the Australian Newcastle concert, there was about 2500 people but i had a blast in GA, was such a good experience and you feel so alive in the crowd. but upto you, the prices are the same. :) have fun there.
Yea I ended up getting GA it just seems more fun I just hope I don't get injured lol
Na you probably won't, unless you're right up the front or something and get shoved into the fence

Connie said:
Yea I ended up getting GA it just seems more fun I just hope I don't get injured lol
GA is the way to go, but GA tix are sold out for most dates. Tickets-for-Charity still has GA tickets left and all tickets benefit Music for Relief! VIP Backstage tickets are available too! http://www.ticketsforcharity.com/pl/Linkin-Park-Tickets-Thousand-Su...

yes it is definitely about the layout - they are going to be at Philips Arena vs. Lakewood in ATL on the 23rd so the call is way harder this time as the venue has changed!  Of course I know where I want to sit - front row stage center!

I got GA tickets for the Feb 1st concert in Boston....but the stage is alot different then the others.....its a T shaped stage so I dont know where the best spot to stand is!! My friends and I plan on getting their early in the morning to wait in line so that we can be up close to the stage. Any opinions??



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