What did you all think?

I thought it was truly SPECTACULAR!!!!! 

Me and my girlfriend missed our morning flight to Manchester and had to pay for 2 new flights which cost £250.  When we were on our way to get on the new flight I lost my wallet.  I thought to myself, is this really going to be the day from hell?  Once we got to the concert the greatest day of my life began!!!  Seeing Chester and Mike feeding off of each other was simply AWESOME!!!!  I couldnt believe I was actually there!!  The song of the night for me was, New Divide!  It was also great to see, Lying from You getting played!  The atmosphere was insane!!!!

I just wish they were coming to Ireland so I could go again!!!  :(

Who was the band that were on before Linkin Park?

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It was awesome, the best concert I've ever been to. I also loved New Divide but my favourite was Numb, how everyone in the room instantly knew what it was and got on their feet was ace.

The support act was Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Absolutely AWESOME!!!
The atmosphere was amazing, the band were superb as ever, and the new material was stunning live! This was my second time seeing LP at the MEN, and I was simply blown away both times. I just wish I could have gone to Newcastle as well!!!
Hard to pick a favourite song, but "Shadow of the Day" and "New Divide" are up there...along with all the other tracks! LOL!
@JJB10: I will check that band out now! Thanks dude!! They were pretty rocking too!!!

@Barbara Beaton: I know what you mean when you say its hard to pick 1 song and I would agree your last comment completely, ''along with all the other tracks''.

I want to go again!!!

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