hi, i heard a rumor there's going to be a linkin park rockband game.

does anybody know anything about it?

if it's true or not?

i really want to know, any info will be appreciated


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I would die if that was true. :).
Hopefully. Would be great. I'd buy.
I wrealy want a Rock Band Linkin Park. I wrealy liked Green Day Rock Band. Though i got bored of it because i played it like forever for the passed few days. Though I think linkin park deseveres their own Rock Band game. There are not that many LP songs in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. No more sorror is availble for download for guitar hero 3. What I've Done is on Guitar Hero world Tour. One Step Closer is on Rock Band 2. Bleed it out is set to be in Guitar hero Warrioirs of Rock. Though i hope they do makeit. If their is any band out their that needs their own game, it's Linkin Park.
Though I hope Rock Band will make a game for linkin park.
I just heard that 6 songs from the new album A Thousand Suns were released as downlodable content for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. This could mean that a video game could be under development right now. Lets hope it is. I think one is right around the corner.

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