Round Table Discussion of new single The Catalyst

Being the MTV world premiere on August 26th, I also found out through the LP chat that we've all got different opinions about the song. Tell us what you think.

Now, we've all heard (well any of us that are worth noting here) have heard The Catalyst.

Time to tell the world, or at least Linkin, what you thought of it, like it or not, The Catalyst was by an amazing artist, that we all know and love.

What's the song's theme, when chester cries out "Lift me up, let me go!" what does it mean to you?

What does "Broken people living under loaded gun" mean?
How does the techno-rock atmosphere of the song synchronize with your established taste in LP?

What do YOU think?

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I have to agree with spiderguy252,I didn't like it at first after some time it started to grow on me,but the style is way difrent than before,this is a example of a band in continuous evolvement so I would like to hear live...NOT ALONE AND BLACKBIRDS IF POSSIBLE IN THE NEXT UP COMMING SHOWS AND COME IN ROMANIA FOR A CONCERT U'VE NEVER BEEN HERE
I agree I still don't like it, I have tried to listen, I love MTM, but this, does not mean I am not hyped about their new Album just a little cautious

Senija Steta (Σενίτζα) said:
Hmmm..This is an interesting topic. I don't like the song...Well I only like the "Lift me up...let me go" part..I am not like those ppl who want HT4, I understand that LP is trying to make some changes, but this is not it....I loved MTM....A lot of ppl said MTM was a failure cause it was not like Meteora or HT, but I think it was a great album.. And I have nothing against making new stuff but The Catalyst is..I just don't like it. I doesn't feel like LP ..I heard the "She couldn't" demo a couple of days ago..yeah it is an old demo, I know, but that demo just shows how LP can do other stuff too and keep that sound we all love.... :)
This song is FULL of meaning.

"god save us everyone we are broken people living under loaded gun"
- refers the police state being constructed all around us, and the fact that the majority of the population has been lulled into submission.

"it can't be out matched, it can't be outdone, it cant be outfought it can't be out run"
- refers the NWO being worldwide and the ushering in of the new political and belief system of one world government.

"when i close my eyes tonight to the symphony of blinding light"

obviously referring the bombing of nations throughout the night (perpetual war in the name of "peace")

"memories in cold decay transmissions echoing away"
refers to free speech becoming a cold distant memory, especially online.

"far from the world of you and I, where oceans bleed into the sky."
a world we can't understand where anything destitute can happen... like a BP oil spill making the ocean floor literally BLEED and evaporate crude oil and other hydro carbons into the sky!

"god save us everyone will we burn inside the fire of a thousand suns?"
will we be engulffed by our own nuclear war we stared to destroy ourselves?

"for the sins of our tongue the sins of our touch the sins of our father the sins of our young"
the selfish, self fullfilling lifestyle of the past few generations, combined with the ignorance of the newest generation.

"lift me up, let me go" (repeated over and over!)
elevate your conscious, wake up, break free from the mind prison.

The entire song is a WARNING, meant to provoke a reaction and an awakening of the masses.
a "catalyst" by definition is the key component to begin a reaction, with significant results.

"God Bless A Thousand Suns". Honestly i dint like this song, i prefer to listen to songs like Not Alone or Blacbirds, those songs dint have the "Linkin Park" sound, but still those songs r amazing, i can at least relate myself to them, but with the catalyst i cant even relate anything to it. I hope other songs on ATS r different.
Holly God, ur good at writing reviews man, r u related to Syko, lol

NeXus87® {Flagger}© said:
Well, i think Ryan has summed it up very nicely for all of us here. But i will try to add my thought on what i think the song is about.
First to start of the song is moody & redundant to some extent at the start until the electronic beat kicks in. About the name The Catalyst, it literally means a person or thing that causes a change of some sorts (at least this is the only logical definition that band can has related to the song i think) The chorus of the song as you can decipher it’s an outcry of some sort & i can figure its begging for a change of things & that change kicks in when mike comes in with "Lift me up...Let me go" there you go that’s the change in the song Hence The Catalyst. Mike starts it & than Chester takes it to a different level & another extreme dimension of vocal prowess, mike is singing in the background provides stability and a structure to the song. Than chorus comes in with whole of the band singing it definitely makes for an awesome spectacle somehow I feel like this song is like an improvement over The Little Things Give You Away. I don’t mean lyrically because both of them are entirely different songs but I feel like you can relate to the structure of the both songs with how the whole of the band finishes TLTGYA & the Catalyst. That’s the new add-on of the band that Dave is now singing too along with Mike.
I know some fans might not relate to the new sound that band has developed but I will say Kudos to the guys for changing because I know people say we needed Hybrid Theory Part 4 & not a sequel to M2M, but I beg to differ cause seriously those people who say that won’t have liked it one bit the quadrilogy of HT & than they would have been saying “it’s the same old crap & they are not developing as musicians”. As far as the Catalyst goes & what could I make up with reviews of ATS the band has definitely grown leaps & bounds & they have reached to the point that they always wanted with M2M (which was as it seems now was a transition record) they have finished what they started with M2M. That’s my 2 cents, Thank you for reading.
I think the entire song is from the Hindu holy book "Bhagavatgita".
After world war II Europe and Asia were destroyed. The U.S. was the only country to come out of the war with its infrastructure intact. This caused great prosperity for U.S. in the 50's and allowed it to emerge as the worlds biggest super power because Europe, Asia, and Russia had to rebuild. The world war II generation gave birth to the baby boomer generation, who took advantage of the United States artificially inflated economy but became lazy. Europe and Asia have been catching up so the baby boomers tried to make up the difference by rackiing up debt and letting destroying Americas exports effectivly ruining the economy.(The sins of our father, the sins of our young) Now our generation is faced with picking up the peices and having a lower standard of living. I think this song is a rally call for the next generation to band together and make it happen.
Leon Cox said:
This song is quite easy to pick out. it's clever how they've hidden all of these little details. Anyway moving on.

When chester sings 'God bless us everyone we're a broken people living under loaded gun" It MUST be do to with cowboys and possibly indians (Im not sure). Because Cowboys were highly religious - to our knowledge - and they were saying god bless us. And they obviously loaded they're gun in the fight against indians (Or possible mammal)..

'Lift me up - let me go" This obviously means when The Cowboys hunt for they're food and they kill it, and lift it up on theyre cattle, and ride it home, and let it go on the floor.

it's clever how theyve hidden all of this, but the theme of the song is Cowboys and Possibly Indians.

Seriously, Cowboys and Indians? Like wtf kind of interpretation is that? Thats like pissing on the album like a dog, such a disgrace.

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