s Linkin Park doing the theme to transformers 3????

Ok so we all know that linkin park and Transofrmers go together T3 wont be the smap with out LP so dos any one know if LP is doing the theme for it?

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mike said no in a recent interview

I heard that they are not planning to do a theme song for transformers 3, but I'm not sure.

You should learn how to use sentence structure and how to be less of a bitch before you criticize a person's poor typing skills.

Leslie Serpas said:

First of all, please learn how to spell.

Second of all, it doesn't seem like they will, because they already have a lot on their plate.

I would have thought that LP would be solely chosen to do the main theme song for Transformers. But if that is not the case, then I wonder who it will be. Wonder if it's going to sound anything like What I've Done and/or New Divide. Those two were AWESOME tracks for the movie.

Transformers will not be the same without them..... :"(

SajiNoKami said:

mike said no in a recent interview

they should tribute a new theme song for the transformers 3 movie
They will NOT do the main soundtrack, but they say that "Iridescent" will be used. ;D

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