Sarah Lovecraft's Lyrics from the Lovecraft Experience and 4 Walls

I'm a solo musician/singer-songwriter performing with studio musicians/garageband musicians, etc. in The Lovecraft Experience but also Lead Vocals/backing guitars/singer-songwriter of 4 Walls (my side project). I will be posting lyrics here as well the link to The Lovecraft Experience.


I'm a Transgender MtF (preoperative going postoperative in 2012ish), and I'm a Goth/Punk artist as well a LGBTQ/Goth/BDSM independent photographer/filmmaker. I also have my own BDSM production studio that I'm slated to release in June online.


I also wrote all the lyrics posted here as well the songs recorded. I also will let you know that I use both male and actual female vocals that sounds infused with Marilyn Manson, The Cure, Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park/Dead by Sunrise/Fort Minor, Amy Lee of Evanescene, Joan Jett formerly of the Runaways and currently Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Lacuna Coil, Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/Slipknot, My Chemical Romance and The Used, Siouxse and the Banshees, and Aaron Lewis of Staind, Insane Clown Posse etc. when singing/rapping/screaming/harmonizing, etc. in both musical projects I currently head. As for the lyrical content and musical stylings, it's modern mostly but also all about my life and its aspects I live in. Plus about problems, relationships, political statements, and whatnot and very outside the mainstream and also about my transgender identity. Very awesome and already copyrighted so if you steal it, you will be fined and sued.


I will post the lyrics ASAP today.


Give me a sec to get which will be posted today.


Blessed Be, and may Karma bless you well.


Sarah Lovecraft

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"Something Like Me" written and performed by Sarah Lovecraft (copyrighted 2010)


I need to let go, there's nothing left to hold on to

I'm trying to wake up, just so I could walk home to you

I have to confess my beautiful sins I made with my hands

All I ask of you is be there and hold my hand

All I know is that I'm so fucked up again

And I wish that I could heal my pain within



So crawl inside and medicate your love into me

Your hearts that care about something like me

Open up the floodgates so I can let it out inside

Give me the strength to live through another night


I'm so afraid - I'm not used to people helping me

I'm insane - how can you really say you care about me?

I never heard anyone say nice things to me

I never had anyone to care enough to save me

All I ask is that you be there to help me cross over

All I know is that I'm alone in being transgender




I take these pills that reveals the girl inside of me

And there's Trazodone that's here to help me sleep

My depression never left me alone - it won't go away

And the hateful atmosphere is killing me everyday

I don't have many friends - they all backstabbed and misled me

I don't have anyone brave enough to even love me




I'm traumatized and I have a personality that's so rebellious

And I know I'm the only one that's hated

I try to do good, but they all tear me down

Now I let out the Devil that I had stuffed so far down

There's no angel, nothing good left of me anymore

And here I go, falling apart just like before


Chorus x2


It's all my fault - I should've never opened up

But you care too much, enough for me to not give up

I'm grateful for you, my only support system

You're the only ones that understand my transgender anthem


I'm so misanthropic, but at least you care about something like me.




Critique is most appreciated. Thanks.

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